13 Chill Things to Do at Home When You’re High

Stuck at home? At least you’ve got cannabis! If you’re looking for some chill things to do inside during America’s quarantine, we’ve got you covered. Some activities just go better with weed (like all of them!). You can do these solo or with quarantine-mates and many are great for people with limited mobility.

1.       Make a playlist and listen to your favorite music from high school or college. With the power of the internet at your fingertips, it’s easy to find even the most obscure music from the past. Make a playlist of what used to be your favorite songs and relive good times with a nostalgic soundtrack of your life! Share your list with friends and family via a music app like Spotify.

2.       Binge watch a TV series from the year you were born. Classic television has legions of fans. There are several channels dedicated to classic TV programs and entertainment providers like Netflix and Hulu offer broad selections of popular shows from the 50s to the 00s. Gain a new perspective on history through popular culture from the time. Check out this list of TV show premieres by year.

3.       Tackle one or two or ten of the American Film Institute’s Top 100 Movies. If you’re a list person and like movies, this is a project for you! Check out the AFI’s list of the best movies ever made. Check off the ones you’ve seen and start watching the ones you haven’t.

4.       Start an art or craft project. There are about a hundred art projects you can start today; the only limit is your imagination. Stick to the classics like sketching and painting or get inspired and create a historical diorama from household items. Create a vision board from magazine cut-outs. Scrapbooking, photography, or painting miniatures, there’s an art project to appeal to everyone. Short on supplies? You can find homemade modeling dough recipes online. Sculpt! 

5.       Check out the indie game selection on the platform of your choice. Whether you’re a regular gamer or haven’t played a video game in years, there’s a whole world of indie games to explore. On PC, mobile and consoles, big franchises get all glory, but occasionally an indie game breaks through and becomes a massive hit. Some popular indie games include rural life sim Stardew Valley, MMO shooter Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds, story adventure Oxenfree, gorgeous puzzler The Witness and fantasy RPG with a focus on psychological stress Darkest Dungeon.

Looking for new indie games? Here are The Best Indie Games of 2020.

6.       Be productive and organize something. If you’re the type who gains any amount of satisfaction from cleaning and organizing, you’ll find cannabis only enhances the pleasure. Granted, you may not always understand your chosen organization system when you come back down, but you’ll have a great time implementing it. Movies, books, closets, cabinets and utility drawers, the right strain can give you both intense focus and meticulous attention-to-detail. Put on your favorite music and get productive! Need supplies? Order online from The Container Store. Get inspired with these 30 before and after home organization photos!

7.       Make some music. If you have an instrument that’s been gathering dust, it’s time to get it out of storage. Or, learn a new one online through a variety of music programs. Or find a music composition app for your phone or computer, no instrument required! Like an audience? Join the public Facebook Group Quarantined Cabaret.

Find the 10 Best Music Composer Apps for Android and iOS here.

8.       Meditate. Meditation is much more than just sitting still with your eyes closed, although that alone can be a challenge for most people! One of the best things you can do for mental health is meditate. If you’ve never tried it before, there are apps for that too! You may find guided meditation easiest to start with. Check out YouTube for free guided meditation videos you can listen to.

9.       Learn a new game. Alone or with friends, why not learn a new game? Learn a classic like cribbage, pinochle, or chess or try your hand at one of the popular tabletop games, many of which can be found online or in the app store. You can play against people around the world or challenge the computer AI.

10.   Get smarter with puzzles. Science shows that critical thinking and puzzles help keep our minds sharp into old age. Give your brain some exercise with the puzzle of your choice. Some puzzles, like jigsaw, are great alone or with friends. Other more solo pursuits like crosswords, word search, logic puzzles and solitaire are all popular online. Looking for something a little more modern? There are entire game series for computers, phones and tablets of complex hidden object games. 

Get started with the Best Hidden Object Games for Android and iOS.

11.   Read a graphic novel. Sometimes it can be hard to focus on reading when high, especially when reading a real, paper book. So many words! Instead, try a graphic novel. You can find many graphic novels online in digital format. They aren’t all blood and guts either. You can find graphic novels that explore romance, sex, relationships and humor.

Do you have an Amazon account? Try a month of unlimited comic book reading for free with ComiXology.

12.   Bake something. Baking is a rewarding activity to do while high for so many reasons, especially the treats at the end! Even if you don’t have a fully stocked baker’s kitchen, there’s probably something you can whip up in a pinch. Shortbread, cookies, bread, cupcakes, tarts, you may even end up “improving” the recipe with your own weed-inspired additions. Just don’t forget to set the timer! Here are quick desserts you can make mostly with items already in your pantry.

13.   Learn a language. If you’re ever wished you were bilingual, it’s never been easier to start. Duolingo is just one free app that features lessons for a variety of languages from Japanese to Greek. Whether you want to pick up a few key phrases or plan on fluency, online learning makes picking up languages easier than ever through fun games designed to boost retention.

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