reasons to love cannabis
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23 Reasons to Love Cannabis

There are far more than 23 reasons to love cannabis but we had to stop somewhere!

Makes people happy. Smoking weed causes smiles.

Helps you sleep. A strong indica strain before bed is better than any OTC sleep aid.

A renewable resource. Cannabis grows quite easily with dirt, water, and sunlight.

Pain relief. Cannabis is a miracle plant for children and adults living with chronic pain.

Mind expansion. Cannabis allows you to see things from new perspectives and consider otherwise overlooked solutions.

Boosts creativity. Need some help with creative problem-solving? Experiencing creative block? Unlock your potential with a bong hit or two.

Helps cancer patients. Cannabis eases nausea and pain plus increases appetite, allowing patients a higher quality of life during cancer treatment.

Reasons to love cannabis, it's all natural!
We love homegrown cannabis.

Helps little kids (and adults) with epilepsy. CBD oil helps children with severe epilepsy by reducing or eliminating seizures.

All natural. It’s not patented. It’s not created in a lab. You can grow it in your backyard.

Diet friendly. You can’t say that about happy hour drinks! Non-fat, no calories – cannabis is a dieter’s dream, but stick with sativa strains to avoid the munchies!

Eases social anxiety. A few hits of weed can might be the difference between enjoying an event or cowering behind a potted plant trying to avoid social interactions.

Fun social activity that everyone can enjoy. There are no ability or fitness requirements. No special skills are needed to enjoy cannabis.

Completely portable. Flowers, dabs, weed edibles, tinctures, sprays, topicals…from overt to totally discreet, enjoy cannabis when and where you like.

Anyone can enjoy cannabis regardless of ability

It tastes good. High-quality cannabis will have a pleasant flavor to match it’s aroma. Bad cannabis tastes like dried lawn clippings.

It smells soooo good! Opening a bag of top shelf cannabis can be all the aromatherapy you need. Deep inhale!

Enjoy it your way.
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You can have it your way. Dab it, eat it, smoke it, vape it or rub it on your skin. There are many methods to use cannabis!

Stress eliminator. Troubles on your mind? Let cannabis ease your worries and transport you to a place of carefree wonder. It’s the timeout your brain has been begging for!

No hangover. You’ll sleep great and wake up without the spins and nausea. Winning!

Eases menstrual cramps. Another good reason your partner should provide cannabis and chocolate during that time of the month.

Improves all cuisine. It makes bad food tolerable and good food great. It makes great food mind-blowing. Cannabis is the best “seasoning” there is.

Everyday tasks are more enjoyable. Cleaning your kitchen sucks, but cleaning your kitchen high sucks less. Put your favorite music on and your whole house may be sparkling by the end of the day (or your weed, whichever comes first).

It makes you contemplative. A little navel-gazing is good for you. Cannabis helps you contemplate the whys and hows of yourself, the universe and more.

Helps you appreciate the moment. A sunset, fresh cut grass, birdsong; cannabis can help you slow down and enjoy moments of mindfulness. Finding joy in small things increases your overall life satisfaction.

Those are 23 reasons to love cannabis. If you have more to add, please leave them in the comments below!

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