Black woman smoking cannabis
Photo courtesy of CannaClusive, a great Black female-owned resource for diverse stock photos.

3 Black Women in Cannabis to Follow on Instagram

Many industries in America remain dominated by cis white men and cannabis is no exception. We’d like to give a shout out these Black women in cannabis creating positive communities for women of color who love weed.

The media often overlooks minority-owned businesses in favor of mega-brands owned by largely white investment firms. And in advertising, white faces are predominant despite Black, Latino, and Caucasian communities using cannabis around the same percentage. Unfairly targeted by the failed war on drugs, Black citizens are disproportionately arrested by law enforcement for cannabis crimes.

Black women face additional barriers to success in legal cannabis, so let’s show them love and help them grow!

Check Out These 3 Awesome Black Women in Cannabis

DeJanae Evins – @GreenGoddessGlow

DeJanae Evins is the creator of Green Goddess Glow, an educational platform encouraging mindful marijuana self-care practices and is a certified cannabis educator. She’s a great person to follow for cannabis education, CBD resources and information on using cannabis for wellness.

Shonitria – @BluntBlowinMama

Shonitria is a journalist and mother who’s mission is to normalize moms who love and use cannabis. Her online community celebrates both cannabis and motherhood. Follow Shonitria for 420-positive content and to help end the stigma of moms who smoke weed!

Lizzy Jeff — @LizzyJeff

Self-proclaimed Rap Priestess and Medicine Woman Lizzy Jeff is dedicated to elevating consciousness through cannabis education, social awareness, & curated community events. Her Instagram features lots of gorgeous photos of her enjoying cannabis and you can find out more about her creative pursuits and events too.

Did you know CannaClusive offers free stock images of Black models (male and female) enjoying cannabis? Learn more here. Positive representation matters!

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