CBD recipes for sleep

3 Easy CBD Recipes for Sleep

Using CBD for sleep is a healthier option than pharmaceuticals. With CBD, there’s no risk of overdose. Additionally, you can skip the groggy, hungover feeling in the morning too. If you’re looking for an effective way to relax into slumber and stay asleep longer, it just might be for you. There are many ways to medicate before bed but we’ve collected some easy CBD recipes for sleep for you to try.

CBD Sleep Gummies

Cannabis-infused gummies are one of the top selling edibles in the United States. You can buy them in CBD or THC formulas and in many flavors. They’re also easy to make at home. You can make your own CBD for sleep gummies using a recipe like this one from Clean Eating Kitchen. It uses natural ingredients like tart cherry juice and raw honey. Of course, you can experiment and create your own twist on flavors too. Purchase candy molds from your local craft store or online.

CBD Rice Cereal Treats

If you’re the type who craves sweets in the evening, this recipe for CBD-infused rice cereal treats from My Quiet Kitchen is for you! It offers a healthy, vegan spin on the traditional treat. Or if you’d rather go the marshmallow route, just add the appropriate dose of CBD oil to the recipe on the back of the Rice Krispies box!

Moon Milk

Moon milk is an infused warm drink perfect for drifting off to dreamland in a hurry. You can use your preferred milk or try this recipe for CBD Coconut Moon Milk from Goodie Goodie. Milk contains both tryptophan and melatonin which both promote healthy sleep cycles.

CBD for sleep Moon Milk recipe

Looking for more great recipes? Try this one for cannabis jam! Perfect for a wake-and-bake breakfast!

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