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3 of our favorite Vegan Rolling Papers

Did you click here thinking, “aren’t all rolling papers vegan? Are vegan rolling papers really a thing?” we don’t blame you. But, we have some surprising news. Unless your papers or blunt wraps specifically say vegan, it’s likely that they contain animal by-products.

Some Rolling Papers Contain Animal By-Products

The most common culprit is glue. Manufacturers produce glue from the collagen of animals. Horses were once popular for this but now most companies use cattle, pigs and fish. Collagen and gelatin aren’t the only animal products to make it into glue. Glue production also uses bone char, casein, and egg whites . When not made with animal by-products, most glues are synthetic and chemical-based.

Some papers are Healthier Than Others

You don’t have to be vegan to enjoy the health benefits of vegan cannabis products. Many vegan rolling papers appeal to today’s health-conscious cannabis consumers with features like being GMO-free and using organic materials, non-chemical inks, and natural glues.

High Hemp Organic Artisanal Cones — Amsterdam

These organic cones from weed capital Amsterdam are perfect for those who enjoy curated cannabis finds. Made from 100% sustainably grown, organic European hemp, they’re also vegan, GMO- and gluten-free! Some wraps even include CBD for an enhanced experience.

Blazy Susan Pink Papers — France

Made in France, these pretty in pink pre-roll papers are tinted with natural dye and GMO-free, in addition to being vegan. They’re thin papers made from wood pulp. The fun color definitely appeals to our inner celebrity.

Beamer Hemp Cones — Canada

Pre-rolled, vegan, hemp cones from Beamer contain pure Canadian hemp and are GMO-, pesticide and bleach free. They’re slow burning with a great seal!

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[…] Did you know not all rolling papers are vegan-friendly? Find out our picks for vegan rolling papers here. […]

[…] Did you know that not all rolling papers are vegan? Here are our top picks for vegan rolling papers! […]

[…] Did you know not all rolling papers are vegan-friendly? Find out our top 3 picks for vegan rolling papers! […]

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