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3 Things I Learned From Making Delicious Cannabis Ice Cream

Add chocolate, coffee and something spicy if you want more mental focus

My husband Ryan got us an ice cream maker for Christmas so we could start making our own ice cream flavors.

I think ice cream is his favorite dessert next to cheesecake and what better addition than adding cannabis, chocolate, and coffee to the mix.

The chocolate coffee ice cream turned out very tasty although a bit more spicy than we were both expecting.

We used a Mexican ice cream recipe so we were prepared for some muted spiciness.

I got a tummy ache from eating too much of it but it was yummy so I don’t regret it at all.

I used a cannabis strain that was high on CBD and low on THC

Based on my past experience I didn’t want to get dizzy from the ice cream.

This batch gave me this intense sense of focus and colors seemed a lot brighter.

I was a bit surprised since the strain isn’t really known for that. Ryan then reminded me the recipe also called for 1 tablespoon of finely ground coffee.

It makes a lot of sense that the coffee, chocolate, and peppers would all work together to increase my level of focus.

I am also pretty happy we received the medicinal benefits of cannabis without the unpleasant side effects.

The recipe called for jalapeno and poblano peppers.

We couldn’t find any poblano peppers which is a sweeter and not so spicy pepper so we ended up using a Chinese chili paste.

The first batch had almost no kick, so Ryan added another tablespoon which kicked it up a notch.

The recipe said the spiciness will lessen with the finished ice cream so he added just a tad more for good measure.

It turns out the spice level went up after the churning and freezing.

We did use table cream instead of half and half so it is possible the milk fat increased the spiciness.

It was still quite delicious, just very very spicy.

We had to strain the mixture

There really wasn’t any explanation as to why.

The whole point of ice cream making is it’s supposed to be enjoyable so the fewer steps the better.

We strained it twice for a rice cinnamon flavored ice cream we made last week and once for this spicy chocolate-flavored batch.

I learned from the last experience and scooped off a thick layer of the mix left on the strainer. The last time I just washed out the leftover stuff on the strainer.

If I am going to put cannabis in something I am not going to wash it down the drain, that’s for sure.

Ryan said he won’t strain for the next batch because we don’t really care of it’s super smooth.

The extra step just creates a lot of unnecessary wasted effort.

We did end up making it too thick

The recipe called for corn starch to thicken the half and half. I opted for a thicker cream because I wanted to move away from making gelato this time.

The mixture ended up having a pudding consistency when chilled because we added cornstarch anyways.

It took about 10 minutes instead of the 20 or so before the ice cream maker wouldn’t churn anymore.

At first, I thought there was something wrong with the machine because it was making these loud clanking sounds, but it was just the paddle turning in place.

I scooped it all out and ate whatever was still stuck on the paddle and mixing bowl.

Some lessons from our cannabis ice cream making
  1. If you are going to up the fat content of the recipe make sure to scale back on the spiciness and don’t add any thickeners.
  2. Straining the mixture isn’t necessary unless you want a super-smooth texture or your ingredients are extra grainy.
  3. Use a CBD heavy strain if you just want the medicinal benefits without the uncomfortable highs. Add coffee, chocolate and some type of spice if you want more mental focus from your treat.

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Author Dean Rocheleau, originally published on January 14, 2020

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