cannabis and relationships
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3 Ways Cannabis Enhances Relationships

Cannabis users are often placed into one of two categories: those who use cannabis for medical reasons and those who just want to get high. But those broad brushstrokes hardly cover the complexity of cannabis consumers or even the cannabis plant.

More people than ever are looking to cannabis for a specific experience or to complement certain activities. It’s much more than just a “party drug” or treatment for serious medical conditions (although it fits both of those nicely). Cannabis is the ultimate lifestyle product! It’s perfect for everything from enhancing your workout to watching clouds roll by on the grass at the park.

If you’ve mostly been a social smoker using cannabis at parties or with groups of friends, enjoying cannabis with your significant other can be a brand-new intimate experience. Sharing cannabis together may bring you closer than ever.

Enjoying cannabis with a partner can lead to shared intimacy

1.       It improves intimacy. The relaxing nature of cannabis can help shy people open up. With a little lowering of inhibitions and weed’s euphoric effects, you could end up having some far-out talks and learning more than ever about yourself and your partner.

2.       It’s a stress reliever. Outside factors like coworkers, finances or other troubles can leave us feeling edgy and distant with our romantic partners. Enjoying cannabis when you come together can be just the thing to erase daily irritations and put you back into your relationship bubble. If you find yourself being snappy instead of loving, spark one up!

3.       It might even improve your sex life. Many people have inhibitions when it comes to the bedroom. A little cannabis can help you relax and forget your insecurities. Cannabis is also a natural pain reliever. The anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties will erase any physical discomfort, from headaches to joint pain. This can be especially helpful for women with endometriosis. Also, when applied topically, a sex-safe cannabis product will stimulate your body’s nerve endings making sex more pleasurable! 

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