3D Weed Art is the Ultimate in Stoner Decor

3D Weed Art is the Ultimate in Stoner Decor

Looking at any kind of art while you’re high is awesome, but this trippy 3D weed art is next level stoner decor. The cannabis wall art features highly detailed, richly colored images that will transfix you with their realism.

Choose from a nice selection of cannabis flower images, including many popular strains. They even have shatter images for you dabbers!

weed art cannabis wall art for dabbers
Shatter Smoke for the Dabbers

Taken with high definition lenticular photography, the images show detail, depth, and the appearance of movement from different angles. Each print is mounted on a 3/4″ internal frame and ready to hang anywhere you need some weed art!

Display alone or in a series of your favorite strains. Choose from cannabis strains like Purple Kush, Northern Lights, Pink Lady and the Northern California classic Granddaddy Purple.

Prints are just $39.95. Shop online from Nu-Venture LLC here.

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