4 Adult Coloring Apps for Stoners

4 Adult Coloring Apps for Stoners

Image from Recolor Adult Coloring App

If you haven’t gotten into coloring as an adult, we suggest you give it a try. Coloring offers a great way to relax your mind and draw focus from problems or situations that cause anxiety or upset. Spending some time with an adult coloring app before bed could even help you sleep better! If nothing else, coloring gives us a way to flex our creativity and imagination. And naturally, it’s even better with cannabis!

Adult coloring apps are all rage and have several advantages over traditional paper coloring books.

  • They’re ultra-portable. If you have access to a phone or tablet, you’re ready color. No pens, pencils or crayons required. You can color anywhere, like waiting in line or at the park.
  • They come with lots of fun tools. Not only do you have access to a plethora of colors, but most coloring apps provide gradients and lots of different tools and special effects like fairy dust, glitter, neon and more.
  • They’re free. You can pay for extra features and more intricate designs, but most coloring apps provide a good selection of free images to color and more colors that your 64 Crayola crayon box.
  • Try coloring challenges. Looking to flex your coloring skill? Look for an app that provides daily challenges such as using a certain palette or specific tools on selected images. You can vote on other submissions and see how many likes you get.
Colorfy Adult Coloring App
Adult Coloring Apps for all Platforms

Recolor: This popular app is available in the Apple App and Google Play stores. It contains thousands of images and many palettes and tools. The free version gives you limited access to image selections and colors but you can upgrade if you want more features.

ColorTherapy: A supportive community coloring app that includes daily challenges and a good selection of free images to choose from. Upgrade to premium membership for full access. Apple App store.

Pigment: Pigment offers a free trial and limited access to color palettes/tools for free users. You can upgrade to the subscription model if you want full access. Available for Android and iPhone/iPad, this app supports apple pencil and offers a more realistic coloring experience.

Colorfy: You can use the free version of this app or purchase add-ons like color palettes and theme packs. Apply filters to your finished work and use the social feature to share your work with friends.

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