4 Dope Products to Keep Your Weed Fresh

4 Dope products to keep your weed fresh

Dry weed sucks. Once your stash reaches the stage of dried out and crumbly, you’ve lost most of what made it good – the flavor and the potency. Cannabinoids and terpenes are delicate and sensitive to air and sunlight. Once they start deteriorating, your cannabis quality will rapidly decline. Using products to keep weed fresh will ensure you enjoy great tasting, potent weed for a long time.

Did you know that proper storage can keep cannabis fresh for several years?

Perfect Cannabis

Perfectly dried and cured cannabis buds will be dry on the outside and snap when broken in half. The inside should be slightly resinous and sticky. While that burden is on the cultivator your cannabis, once it reaches your hands there are steps you can take to maintain the freshness or even breathe a little life back into too dry cannabis.

Humidity is the Key

Just like with fine cigars, fine cannabis is best at prime humidity levels. Fortunately, technology and craftsmanship provides solutions. Here are 4 dope products to keep your weed fresh:

For the big spender, consider a mahogany humidor from Cannaseur. This humidity-controlled box holds up to 25 grams of cannabis depending on bud density. Made from sustainably sourced hardwood, you can purchase various sizes of humidors both with and without locks for keeping your stash safe. $399.99

This 4-strain humidor from Cannador holds up to 2 ounces of your favorite weed in its four 4oz jars with ventilated lids. Each mahogany lined box comes with humidity-controlling beads and double-edged seal to prevent drying. Lockable. Cannador also makes cool travel sets for stoners. $149

Herbidor Hand Dipped Glass Storage

Pick up Herbidor dipped glass jars on Etsy with analog or digital hygrometer tops which monitor the moisture level of your cannabis. Adjust the hydration with included Dew Drops. You can also purchase the hygrometer tops which come in two styles to affix to any regular or wide mouth glass jar. $24.95

What all these and other humidity-controlled cannabis storage solutions have in common is hydration. One of the best ways to achieve this is with Boveda 62% humidity packs. With these little beauties, you can make your own cannabis humidor or simply toss one into your stash jar for the perfect RH balance. Even dry cannabis can be revived when stored with these portable and affordable packs. Buy them on Amazon. $13.25

Properly stored cannabis will remain fresh and potent for a long time. Taking the time to properly store your cannabis is one of our 5 ways to save money on weed.

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