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4 Reasons Why Hemp Should Replace Wood in the Paper Industry

Paper made from hemp used to be common. Benjamin Franklin used hemp in his newspaper business. It had many advantages over wood yet when cannabis prohibition took place, it took this wonderful resource out of the market. Now with more countries than ever before legalizing cannabis and hemp specifically, there’s no reason not to return to hemp as a main renewable resource for paper goods. Let’s take a look at four reasons why hemp should replace wood in the paper industry:

Trees Take a Long Time to Grow

Trees take 20-80 years to reach maturity while a crop of hemp takes only months. The resources and time needed to grow timber means hearty, fast-growing hemp is a better, more profitable choice for manufacturers.

Hemp Recycling is Superior to Wood Recycling

Hemp paper can be recycled up to eight times, whereas wood paper reaches its limit with three. It also contains fewer toxic chemicals than other papers.

Hemp is Higher Quality and More Durable Than Wood Paper

Unlike wood paper, hemp paper doesn’t yellow or brown with age. It also resists tearing and decomposition. Hemp is the superior choice for preserving important historical documents.

Hemp is Healthier

The white paper we’re all familiar with is a result of bleaching wood pulp with toxic chemicals. Hemp paper requires nothing more than hydrogen peroxide to obtain its color. Hemp could reduce the amount of chemicals leaching into our water supply!

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