4 tips for smoking cannabis the first time
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4 Tips for Smoking Cannabis for the First Time

You may know that cannabis has been around since ancient times. But have you wondered, how did they consume it back then? Well, the answer is by smoking. Of the many cannabis delivery methods that exist today, smoking was one of the first methods in which cannabis was consumed. It’s also the method most people use when smoking cannabis for the first time.

Even after years of evolution in the cannabis market, smoking remains a favorite among cannabis consumers. The preference is not because holding a joint makes you look trendy and posh or that it’s the popular way. Maybe it is the case among recreational consumers but with medical patients, smoking is the first choice because it’s convenient and delivers quick effects. 

So, have you decided to smoke cannabis too? That’s great! But before you hop on the train, prepare yourself to ensure the best effects. Here are 4 tips for smoking cannabis for the first time. 

Learn The Right Technique 
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Many first-timers do not experience the effects of cannabis in the first few sessions. So what does this mean? Is the stash not potent? Maybe. But it is more than likely that you are not smoking in the right way. 

Beginners with no history of smoking whatsoever, tend to use the wrong technique when smoking a joint or vaping. The smoke doesn’t reach the lungs properly which makes the session ineffective. So you must perfect your technique to avoid wasting your time, money and stash. 

So, what’s the right technique? For starters, it’s not a simple process of ‘breathe in’ and ‘breathe out.’ You have to make sure that the smoke or vapor reaches your lungs because it’s the only way of delivering the cannabinoids into the bloodstream. For a beginner, the best smoking technique is to take a slow drag until the mouth fills up. Then inhale deeply and let the smoke pass into the lungs. You will feel the difference instantly. 

Just remember to go slow for the first few times. You may feel the need to cough while inhaling but take it slow and practice a few times to master the technique. 

Stay Within Your Limit

Using cannabis as medicine requires careful consideration of the right dose. Every patient who applies for a medical marijuana card is given a specific dose by the doctor according to the patient’s medical condition and lifestyle. So the wise thing to do while smoking cannabis is to follow the dose provided by your doctor. 

It’s easy to get carried away because of the excitement of using cannabis for the first time. But excessive excitement can be the reason for a bad first experience. So control yourself a little and learn when to pull the brakes on your cannabis session. Do not feel obliged to go all out for your first time. You don’t have to finish the entire joint or vape all the concentrate. As soon as you begin to feel the effects, don’t go any further. Because cannabis overdose is possible and can give you an intolerable, couch locking high and a hangover the next day. 

The best solution here is to microdose. Go slow and begin with a very low quantity. Note down the effects of every dose and increase the amount accordingly in the following sessions. With time, your cannabis tolerance will also increase and you will be able to have longer smoking sessions and even tolerate more potent strains.

Prepare Yourself For The Side Effects
Stay hydrated with water, juice or sports drink.
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Sure, smoking is an easy and quick way of getting the benefits of cannabis. But along with all the pros, smoking also has its cons. If you are ready to use smoking as your delivery method, it’s best that you prepare yourself for the side effects too.

An increase in appetite also known as munchies, bloodshot eyes and cottonmouth are some of the most common side effects of smoking cannabis. The cannabinoids in cannabis, specifically THC and CBD, activate the CB receptors in different areas of the body. As a result, saliva production is regulated which causes dry mouth. Also, the brain increases sensitivity to scent and flavor that stimulates the idea of starvation which causes munchies. The reason behind bloodshot eyes is the sudden increase and decrease of blood pressure that happens after consuming cannabis. 

You can deal with such side effects with very simple solutions. Increase your hydration level to beat dry mouth, use over the counter eye drops to soothe red eyes and keep healthy snacks in your pantry to deal with the munchies.

Only Buy From Licensed Sellers

When it comes to buying your cannabis stash, always purchase it from a legit seller. Even today, it’s easy to find illegal sellers that propose a cheap price for a lot of cannabis. But it is more than likely that the product will not be of good quality. It can be contaminated with mold, sugar or silica and in the end, the price will not be worth the final product. Consuming such cannabis can be harmful to your health. This is why the only seller you must trust is one with a valid license. Since these are registered with the state government, they have to maintain a quality standard with all their cannabis products. So you can ensure that their products will be safe for use. 

Another best part about licensed sellers is that you will be able to save money. In a legit dispensary or online store, you can use your medical card to be exempted from the sales and use tax and even ask for special discounts or prices for different products. These are some exclusive advantages that are only available for medical patients with a medical card. So if you haven’t applied for one or have to get an MMJ card renewal, don’t wait. Just get online, and receive all the cannabis-related services at the comfort and safety of your home through telemedicine.

Now you are completely ready to light up your first joint. So grab a bottle of water, some snacks and begin your journey into the world of cannabis.

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