5 Apps for Cannabis Lovers

5 apps for cannabis lovers
Photo by Rob Hampson on Unsplash

5 Apps for Cannabis Lovers

Looking to up your cannabis technology game? There’s an app for that! Whether you’re into some casual weed growing recreation or are serious about tracking your smoke sessions, check out some of the top cannabis apps you can download now:

For the consumer

WeedMaps: WeedMaps is a fairly comprehensive directory of doctors, dispensaries and cannabis delivery services. It’s a good starting point to get to know what’s available in your area as many places list their menus online. You can sometimes find nearby specials too. Be forewarned that not every local business is on WeedMaps, so you may be missing out on a great company if you only use this app.

For the social butterfly

Duby: Duby is a social network for cannabis lovers. Sign up and make friends, learn about new strains and products, and stay abreast of current cannabis events.

For detail-orientated data lovers

Releaf: Releaf is a real-time cannabis session tracking app. This app is especially helpful for medical cannabis users who can use it to track the effects of strains to see which are most effective for their condition. But, anyone can use the data to find out which strains they most enjoyed and which ones to avoid in the future.

For cannabis-loving gamers

Wiz Khalifa’s Weed Farm: In this cannabis cultivating sim, you get a chance to build your weed empire under the tutelage of Wiz Khalifa. You’ll collect strains, plant, grow and harvest cannabis to expand and upgrade your grow operation.

For the homegrown cannabis cultivator

WeGrow: This is the app for people who are serious about homegrown. You can log and track everything from light cycles to plant feedings, plus add photos for complete documentation. There’s a journal, a helpful chatbot filled with tips and information and even track multiple grow rooms.