5 Easy Ways to Get Started with Magic Mushrooms

5 Easy Ways To Get Started With Magic Mushroom

Magic mushroom is a cultivated or wild mushroom that contains a hallucinogenic and psychoactive compound called psilocybin. Also known as liberty caps, shrooms, golden tops, philosopher’s stones, and mushies, the magic mushroom is identified by whitish-gray, slender, long stems, and brown caps. 

Shrooms are chewed raw, eaten with food, drunk as a tea, and smoked with tobacco or cannabis to experience various psychedelic perceptions. People used the substance for many centuries for both medicinal and spiritual uses in Europe and America. In this article, we will explore five simple ways to get started with magic mushrooms. 

  1. Consuming Capsules

Magic mushroom capsules provide you with an easy consumption method to experience the extraordinary effects without waiting for hours. These capsules let you microdose your magic mushrooms so that you can consume a precise amount of the substance.

Magic mushrooms are not known for their taste. Capsules let you consume shrooms discreetly without getting exposed to its strong floury taste. Moreover, you can easily make these magic mushroom capsules at home with the help of a grinder and a capsule machine.

Capsules are tasteless and discreet

Microdosing of mushrooms is an efficient way to keep your doses consistent over a period without breaching your tolerance level. When you’re making your capsule, use less than 0.5 grams of mushroom per pill.

  1. Chewing and Swallowing Magic Mushroom
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Munching shrooms is the most common way of consuming them. However, it is necessary to chew the mushrooms properly so that the juice comes out and mixes with your saliva. The released psychoactive compound takes around an hour to reach all the cells of the body through blood.

Psychedelic mushrooms work faster when you have a near-empty stomach. Therefore, you avoid eating for a couple of hours before chewing shrooms. If the mushrooms’ unpleasant flavor makes chewing a tough task for you, grind the truffles into a paste to avoid extended chewing. For a more enjoyable experience, try the crunchy golden teacher mushroom.

  1. Eating Psilocybin Edibles 

Edibles are an excellent opportunity to experience magic mushroom’s psychedelic trip without encountering the earthy taste of raw mushrooms. Since these mushrooms can be added to all kinds of food, you can select which dish to have. 

However, when choosing any recipe, remember that you can’t use the mushroom during the cooking period. Psilocybin, the key compound in magic mushroom, breaks down under extreme heat. Add them as toppings or with sauces after you are done with cooking. 

Get creative in the kitchen with magic mushrooms

You can use shrooms with honey or pesto. Magic chocolate truffles are another popular choice when it comes to mushroom edibles. Remember that the duration of your trip will depend on the amount of mushroom used. It is advisable to begin with a low dosage.

  1. Drinking Magic Mushroom Tea

A consistent dose of magic mushrooms can boost energy, improve focus, and increase positivity. But the uneasy experience of chewing raw mushrooms or the prospect of losing its goodness by overcooking it comes as hindrances on the way to a productive trip. 

Consuming magic mushroom tea is an excellent way to do away with the bitter taste of mushrooms without harming the active compound, Psilocybin. Another advantage of the magic brew is that the effect starts to kick in much quicker, in as fast as ten minutes, compared to other methods that require more than half an hour.  

relax with calming Shroom tea

Make the tea, boil water, add some crushed mushrooms in it, and keep the water simmering at low heat so that the psychoactive value of the shrooms remains intact. Let the tea cool for fifteen minutes before you drink it.

  1. Lemon Tekking Magic Mushroom

The lemon tek is a smart way to avoid the disgusting taste of mushrooms. In lemon tekking, keep psilocybin mushrooms in lemon juice before consumption. In this process, the citric acid breaks down psilocybin, the primary shroom material. This technique is said to have a stronger and shorter trip compared to dried mushrooms.

Avoid the taste with lemon tekking

Since this process makes the trip more intense, beginners should be cautious with lemon tekking. Use half the amount of magic mushrooms you would usually. Leave the mushrooms in the lemon juice for some time. Then, add some water, and drink it in one go. 

Magic Mushroom Dosage And Words Of Caution

Being a hallucinogenic drug, psilocybin can cause abnormal sensory perceptions. All hallucinogens can potentially trigger mental problems and may cause accidents when you are under the influence. Therefore, to put magic mushrooms to good use, you need to microdose it. 

To microdose shrooms, you have to consume about one-tenth of a regular trip. This roughly translates to 0.4 grams of psilocybin. The quantity is enough to sharpen your mind without triggering issues like hallucinations.   

magic mushroom edibles

Psychedelic mushrooms are often associated with euphoric and spiritual experiences. Although there is very little scientific evidence on the positive effects of shrooms, recent studies have indicated its efficacy for issues like anxiety, depression, and addiction. However, consumers should be aware of its several side effects, including nausea, nervousness, confusion, hallucinations, and paranoia. With proper awareness of shrooms, you can enjoy it through any of the ways mentioned above.

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