6 Easy Ways to Become a Cannabis Activist

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Whether you’re a new cannabis convert or a longtime enthusiast, now is the time to get involved in cannabis activism. Although we’ve been making strong strides in accessibility, there are still plenty of grassroots efforts that need your help. Even if you’re not ready to organize a march in your hometown, there are plenty of easy ways to become a cannabis activist. Your voice and efforts DO matter, and they can make a difference!

become a cannabis activist

1. Educate Yourself: Constant misinformation about cannabis is a major roadblock to legalization. Educating yourself on all facets of cannabis from how it’s grown to its medical uses gives you tools to educate people who are misinformed. Learn about the endocannabinoid system, how cannabis works with the body, and which health conditions benefit most from it. Read up on whole plant medicine, extraction processes, the entourage effect and strains and phenotypes. Finally, educate yourself on city and state cannabis laws and regulations. NORML has cannabis laws by state here.

You don’t have to use cannabis to be a cannabis activist

Even if someone doesn’t use cannabis, continued criminalization is a huge problem. It diverts resources from law enforcement that could be allocated towards crime prevention or addressing violent crime. It feeds the black market and drug cartels and it increases the chance of tainted, illegally produced products making people sick. 

The more informed you are about the entirety of cannabis, the more credibility you’ll have!

2. Become an Ambassador: While educating yourself about cannabis is important, so is sharing what you know. You don’t need to engage every person you meet with a litany of cannabis benefits but when the topic comes up, share positive information you know and correct any misconceptions. Personal stories are extremely powerful. If cannabis changed your life or the life of someone you love for the better, let people know! This makes cannabis legalization personal instead of an abstract concept.

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3. Call and Write Legislators: Our political representatives are supposed to represent the will of the people, but they only do that for the people they hear from. You may think that one email or phone call won’t make much difference, but you’d be wrong. Every contact made with an elected official is logged and assigned a value much more than a single opinion. Reports are provided to your officials before votes showing where constituents (people who have contacted them) stand on issues.

It’s fast and easy. All representatives have contact information online. Don’t craft a novel or prepare for a debate, simply call or write a brief email, state your opinion (pro or con) and zip code. That’s it! You’ve done a great civic duty.

Click here to find out how to find and contact your elected officials. Not sure what to say? The Drug Policy Alliance has tips!

4. Attend Events: There are many types of pro-cannabis events you can participate in from local government meetings to organized marches. If someone holds an event in your area, try to attend. It’s important to show public support for cannabis legalization when you can!

5. Donate: Unfortunately, money oils the wheels of justice. There are many great local and national groups that need financial support to keep their efforts going. Check out organizations like NORML, Marijuana Policy Project, Women Grow and Veteran’s Cannabis Group for worthwhile causes or find out who’s doing the work in your area!

See our list of 5 Cannabis Organizations You Should Know About here.

6. Vote: This should be obvious! To be a cannabis activist, you need to vote in every election. Yes, even midterms. If there are cannabis initiatives on the ballot, educate yourself about them, educate your friends, then vote. If there are no cannabis issues at hand, instead educate yourself on the candidates. What is their stance on cannabis legalization? Are they supported by pro-cannabis or anti-cannabis groups? Make this an important consideration when choosing who will represent you.

Want to know where 2020’s presidential candidates stand on cannabis legalization? Find out here.

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[…] Looking for other ways to make a difference? Learn about 6 easy ways to become a cannabis activist. […]

[…] Looking for other ways to make a difference? Check out our easy ways to become a cannabis activist! […]

[…] Looking for some easy ways to become a cannabis activist? […]

[…] Want to become a cannabis activist? Here are 6 easy ways to get involved! […]

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