6 Solo Activities to Enjoy High

6 Solo Activities to Enjoy High

Getting high with friends is always a good time, but it can be just as fun on your own. Enjoying cannabis free from the distraction of other people (including social media!) gives your brain a break from constant input and lets it ruminate on its own schedule. Even a “computer” as sophisticated as the human brain needs a little reboot now and again.

For some people, alone time can feel extremely uncomfortable, especially if they typically have packed schedules and lots of social engagements. It’s important to keep at it until you’re able to peacefully be by yourself without the constant urge to connect with other people. There’s nothing wrong with being productive and keeping busy but there are benefits to spending time alone too. The trick is to strike a healthy balance.

The benefits of alone time

People who spend more time alone generally enjoy more empathy, self-understanding and knowledge, and are mentally resilient, making it easier to stave off depression. Solitude also increases creativity and productivity. Although many offices opt for open floor plans, people actually get more and better work done when they have privacy. It’s also been shown that children who enjoy time alone have fewer behavioral problems.

Spending time alone decreases the time spent being vigilant and alert for social cues, leaving us feeling less stressed. Constant socialization also leads to less life satisfaction, as we constantly compare ourselves and our lives to others around us. Alone time can foster self-reliance and you may find yourself relying less on the approval, opinions, and help of others.

Cannabis makes these solo ACTIVITIES even better

If you find being alone or being alone while high boring, try one of these six activities you can enjoy alone:

Audiobooks: Let a narrator transport you through time and space through the power of storytelling. You can listen to an audiobook anywhere, so toss a blanket out in the backyard, kick back on the couch, or listen on your daily walk. Skip the high stress political thrillers and instead treat your mind to something fun; chick lit, fantasy, sci-fi, young adult and children’s classics all fit the bill. You can find free audiobooks at your local library as well as online. Amazon Prime members have access to some free audiobooks and Spotify offers a few public domain books. If you’re new to audiobooks, you might as well take advantage of whatever new member offer Audible is running to snag popular books read by professional voice actors and narrators.

Writing: Have you ever thought you could write a novel? Well, now is the time to start! Harness the creative power of cannabis and get your ideas down on paper. Not quite that ambitious? Take some time to write letters and cards to friends, especially those you haven’t seen in a while. You’ll be giving them the nice surprise of personal mail in a world of junk mailers and bills!

Learn to Cook Your Favorite Restaurant Dish – With no audience or other mouths to feed, tackle a recipe you’ve been dying to try. Go for something outrageous and restaurant worthy. It’ll give you a chance to gain confidence in the kitchen, hone your skills and you’re rewarded with a fabulous meal at the end. Many popular restaurants offer customer favorite recipes on their websites. It doesn’t have to be a whole meal. Use YouTube to learn how to make any munchies craving. Biscotti? Bagels? Chocolate Eclairs? Master it! How about this copycat recipe for Red Lobster biscuits?

Stretching and Yoga – When’s the last time you had a really good stretch? Most of us could benefit from more stretching throughout the day, especially those of us at computers. Whether it’s 5 minutes or 20, try to get down on the floor and really stretch those muscles. Loosen up your neck, back, shoulders and hips. You’ll not only feel taller, you’ll reduce eye strain and headaches too. Yoga poses can help build core strength as well as providing awesome stretches. Get started with this easy 15-minute flexibility routine for beginners.

Meditate – Meditation is a difficult practice that takes time to master but it offers many mental and physical benefits. Meditation increases mental cognition, concentration, focus and helps manage stress. Physically, meditation has been shown to increase blood flow, lower blood pressure, bolster the immune system and improve sleep quality. Start with a goal of several minutes and increase your meditation time until your mind can remain quiet for 15-30 minutes. It’s not easy but it’s worth it!

UCLA Health offers a free app (iTunes) and here (Google Play) with guided meditations, both short and long. Try a 5-minute session to ease into your new routine.

Get Outside – Enjoying nature alone is a wonderful way to recharge your batteries, reboot your brain and reduce stress. Although scientists aren’t exactly sure why, spending time in forested areas and around trees reduces blood pressure, promotes healing, reduces stress, improves sleep and leaves us feeling happier. Nature time can also increase focus and concentration, even in people with ADHD!

What are your favorite activities to do alone? Let us know in the comments!