6 ways marijuana affects muscles
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6 Ways Marijuana Affects Muscles

Legalizing marijuana in many parts of the world has changed its social image in the past decade. There has been a change in consumers’ perception, as its image of being a recreational drug is transforming into medicinal marijuana. All for the right reasons, the therapeutic properties of cannabis are astonishing even to medical researchers and scientists. Let alone its use in treating epilepsy, marijuana is making a way to our everyday lifestyle. 

The nutritional benefits of marijuana seeds are surprisingly great as they pack essential macros and micros. Fitness fanatics, however, are falling for other muscle enhancing properties of cannabis. Before we delve into 6 ways marijuana affects our muscles, it is crucial to understand that gaining is a comprehensive process. Exercise, diet, and rest are three critical components of muscle building. Unless all three criteria are met, it is practically impossible to achieve any gains. So, let us find out what role marijuana plays in overall muscle development. 

Marijuana increases Testosterone levels

Muscle growth is largely dependent on the testosterone and growth hormone levels in the body. While exercise naturally increases our testosterone levels, many fitness enthusiasts, in conjunction with marijuana, take supplements like rad 140 Canada to enhance the levels for better growth. Surprisingly, marijuana interacts with the human endocannabinoid system to increase the secretion of these hormones. Marijuana combines with the CB receptors to alter the chemical activity in our brain that signals the change in the hormones. A study also indicates an increase in the testosterone levels of the users after the consumption of marijuana.  

It can help burn fat

A good athletic body has the right composition of the fat and muscle. The body utilizes the stored fat in the body to convert into energy that increases the intensity of our workout, hence helping achieve better gains. How well our body converts food into energy largely depends on the rate of the metabolic activities in our system. Cannabis works to enhance metabolic rates in more than one way. First, it enhances the energy levels so naturally, an increase in physical activity boosts the body’s metabolism. Second, it combines with the CB2 receptors in our ECS system, which controls several hemostatic activities, including metabolism. Therefore, cannabis as a metabolism enhancer leads to more fat burn during the workout and throughout the day. 

Increases overall energy

When performing muscle-building exercises, an individual needs extensive stamina & energy. Cannabis has a complex chemical composition of various compounds and terpenes. Out of these compounds, CBD and THC interaction is of particular interest to a fitness lover. The THC compound in cannabis enhances the energy that can help magnify the workout limits. Increased workout duration increases the fat burning capacity of the body and enhances testosterone levels for better growth of the muscles. 

Boosts appetite

Muscle building is a complex process that requires a caloric surplus nutritious diet. The famous Cannabis Munchies can stimulate appetite. The interaction of cannabis with the ECS system makes this possible. The consumption of marijuana helps a novice trainer to fulfill their nutritional needs by helping them eat better. It also reduces the nauseous after-effects of an intense session. Its appetite boosting property can help you partake post-workout meals to immediate replenishment of the muscles.

Alleviates muscle pain 

The repair work in the muscle begins as soon as you finish your workout. The microdamage in muscle fibers leads to inflammation and pain. Unchecked inflammation can be harmful to the body and can hamper muscle growth. Likewise, pain and soreness in the muscle, though inseparable from muscle growth, can also hamper the next day schedule. Cannabis is a natural painkiller that effectively reduces muscle inflammation due to the presence of various terpenoids. The CBD in cannabis can also act as a muscle relaxant to remove the stiffness from the workout. One can replace cannabis for painkillers that are a threat to liver health. 

Enhances rest and recovery

The chemical composition of marijuana is close to anandamide, a bliss molecule. Not only it interacts with the mind to relieve stress and aid relaxation but also supports sound sleep. Since major muscle repair work happens during sleep hours, it is essential to catch eight hours of sleep. Researches suggest cannabis as a sleep enhancer that can also cure insomnia. CBD dominant cannabis is ideal for people who want to benefit from the relaxing properties of cannabis. 

The Bottom Line

Muscle building is quite a stressful process for the body. Marijuana can help release stress and increase the energy level of the body. Many fitness enthusiasts are switching to marijuana as a pre or post-workout supplement depending on their particular needs. If you want to give it a try, make sure you consult a marijuana doctor to find the correct strain and the dosage for yourself. 

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