7 Tips for Using Cannabis While Hiking

7 tips for using cannabis while hiking

tips for using cannabis while hiking

Cannabis and the great outdoors are the perfect pairing. Where better to experience the spiritual and sensory enlightenment that weed provides? Hiking not only reconnects us with nature but it provides a great all-over workout and a chance to bond with companions. We’ve put together some tips to help you get the most out of using cannabis while hiking.

weed just makes hiking better
  1. Don’t hike alone. Even experienced hikers can sometimes get into trouble. If you’re planning on smoking weed or taking edibles on or before your hike, make sure you have a friend along just in case things take a turn.
  2. Choose your strain wisely. A powerful indica strain won’t give you the get-up-and-go needed for a long hike. Sativa dominant strains typically offer more physical and mental energy so your hike remains upbeat and moving. You may have to sample a few before you find your perfect hiking strain. Go forth and research!
  3. Protect yourself and your weed. Graceful is not a word often associated with stoners. It’s said cannabis makes us a bit clumsy. Spend a little extra time on preparation to ensure your gear fits properly and that you’ve got good traction and ankle support. Consider using a walking stick for a little extra stability if you need it. If you do trip and fall, make sure you don’t crush your bud! Use joint tubes for pre-rolls and put your cannabis in your pack, not your pockets.
  4. Bring lots of water and snacks. Cotton-mouth and munchies, need I say more? Using cannabis while hiking is sure to make you hungry and thirsty. Don’t skimp on the fresh water and healthy snacks. Trail mix, fresh fruit and nut-based bars will keep your energy up so you can make it back to your car.
  5. Be considerate. Not every hiker loves the smell of ganja. If you’re hiking a busy trail, be considerate of other hikers. Step off the trail to a secluded spot before smoking.
  6. Be aware of park regulations. Cannabis is still a federally controlled substance which means it’s a crime in national parks. In a weed legal state like California, it’s legal to possess cannabis in state parks but not to ingest or smoke it. Do a little research and find out what you’re risking if you decide to light up.
  7. Don’t forget the topicals! If you experience sore, aching muscles, apply a cannabis-infused topical before or after your hike. Full spectrum or CBD rubs will prevent or reduce pain and inflammation in joints and muscles.

Do you enjoy using cannabis while hiking? Share your favorite hiking strains in the comments below!

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