9 of the Best Zoo Webcams for Animal Loving Stoners

9 of the best zoo webcams for Animal Loving stoners

The world is a little bit crazy right now (okay, a lot crazy), so sometimes it’s awesome to just smoke a little and watch some animals. Their adorable faces and funny antics just helps us chill out. watching cuddly critters fills our brain with happy chemicals and helps us feel more positive.  
when the world has got you feeling down, spark up a bowl and tune in to some of these amazing webcams from our national zoos!

San Diego Zoo Cams

You’ll go bananas over this baboon cam from the San Diego Zoo. Watch the live stream to see two types of primates and their Ibex roommates in the new Africa Rocks! exhibit. You can even take a snapshot and send an e-postcard to your friends. Take some time to check out the whole San Diego Zoo website so learn more about animal preservation and stewardship.


Missing your black-tie events? See your favorite flightless birds aka penguins frolic in and out of the water or stand around like overdressed waiters.


Longing for a little more fluff? Watch the cuddly koalas – as they chill like little stoners with the eucalyptus munchies.


Smithsonian National Zoo

Who’s a big teddy bear? The Giant Pandas at the National Zoo, of course! Due to the limited hours of zoo workers, they may not always be visible but when they are, you can see these beautiful black-and-white endangered animals in their enclosure.


Oakland Zoo

Here in Northern California, the Oakland Zoo has several active webcams to entertain homebound web visitors. Love bears? Watch these magnificent sun bears chilling in the hammock and playing ball.


Still more bears! Double the fun, and watch this black bear cam that picks up both the bear’s land habitat and their pool. Watch them roam their enclosure and then take a dip.


Houston Zoo

Looking for something a little taller? Take in the Houston zoo’s live giraffe camera feed. You can click the pan symbol down at the bottom of the camera to get in line to control it yourself. Choose from several different camera positions to get the best view! You’ll also get to see their ostrich buddies too!


Watch the rhinos wallow in the mud and dance like nobody’s watching. They have a spacious environment that you can pan to find out what everybody’s up to.


Seattle Aquarium

Aquariums are just water zoos and believe us when we say you otter watch this feed for the ultimate cutesplosion of adorability. Don’t blame us when you end up watching these critters swim and play for the next six hours!


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