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Our Story

  We have traveled to this destination through good luck, perseverance, hard work and just sheer determination to finally bring this community directory to you. 

  We have been working daily in this community to make this space a reality since 2005. 

  You have or are probably currently experiencing the fear, anger and sometimes the energy of dismay for having chosen to honor plants that make you see and feel differently from the mainstream crowd.  

  We understand. That’s why it’s taken us so long to bring this website to fruition. Welcome to a safe space. 

  We are a team of adventurers, hustlers, that love art, music, fashion, fine foods, travel and most of all the cannabis plant and the brilliance of funghi.

  Please join us in this new realm. Bring the calm, bring the love and the passion for what you believe is right and good. 

Our Experience and knowledge

Together, working almost daily in this community, our team has a cumulative total of over sixty years of experience and knowledge, traversing this new burgeoning industry.

We come from a place of deep knowledge of how things work and what you will need to get to where you are going.

We are here to serve, teach and give.

The rest is up to you.

Our Mission Statement

Do as you will and harm none. 

We have built this directory to advance our community globally. 

Our community deserves respect and in return we will  give that respect right back. 

These listings are posted by the people that respect us and are willing to work with our community with the belief in people, planet and profit. the triple bottom line. 

We will only work with the like minded.