Are CBD Injections The Future Of The Cannabis Industry?

Are CBD injections the future?

Are CBD Injections The Future Of The Cannabis Industry?

The term CBD has been bandied around for the past several years. And I am sure you might have come across both CBD and THC products or perhaps used some of them. CBD is commonly used as an oil, tincture, or salve. The most popular form is CBD oil. With thousands of patients using it for the purpose of relaxation. So far, CBD usage has been hailed as a major phenomenon to seek a healthier lifestyle. Be it alleviating symptoms of anxiety or reducing stress after a hectic day at work. 

Since the birth of CBD products, the wellness quotient has been questioned and tested by patients themselves. In fact, this wellness trend has become a part of the major new movements. For instance, CBD has successfully entered the fashion and cosmetic industry with brands like Sephora collaborating with the CBD industry. Not only this but since CBDs advent, the compound has entered the food market ensuring customers receive health benefits. 

However, how much do you know about CBD, it’s different forms and ways of consumption? More vitally, as a cannabis user how have you learned about the benefits of CBD, particularly as a therapeutic substance. Well, there are different answers to this question, but what intrigues consumers the most is injectable CBD. Without further ado, let us delve deeper and find out what CBD injections have in-store for you.

CBD Delivery Via Injection

There are various forms of CBD products. Some consume it in the form of oil under the tongue to receive immediate relief while others simply take it in the form of flowers, tablets, and edibles. Whatever the form of consumption, there’s one thing for sure patients consume CBD to achieve instant results. In fact. That is true in the case of every medicine. So, the role of CBD injections can play a huge role when determining the effect of direct administration. 

Ideally, intravenous injections flow directly into the bloodstream to offer 100% bioavailability. But direct administration of certain substances can cause the blood level to drop instantly, especially CBD. This, in turn, can also be the best way to administer CBD products or cannabis in general.

CBD delivery via injection

However, what concerns the patients and users who want to benefit from cannabis use is safety and impact. Safety in terms of health benefits and impact in terms of dosing guide. You see, each cannabis product in the market comes with determined quantities of CBD and THC. The ratio caters to the specific requirement of a patient. For instance, you need a CBD rich product. You can walk up to a state dispensary or a local trustworthy cannabis store and ask the budtender to provide you with the required product. 

That said, let us look at some studies that will help us learn a little more about CBD injections and how can it help patients who require instant relief from pain? Also, through this study, we will help you understand why intravenous is better than other forms of CBD consumption.

Intravenous Cannabinoid Studies

One of the first studies conducted on three healthy male individuals revealed that no major side effects were seen after cannabinoid administration. At the onset of the trial, all three male individuals described the effects as unpleasant and very intense. However, after a brief moment, the effects turned into a good experience. The bottom line of the study was that the intravenous administration of cannabinoids other than CBD was more intense than other forms of consumption. 

Another study explained the variation in CBDs dose through intravenous administration. The authors closely monitored physical and mental changes. In this study, the participants were slowly administered with increased doses of CBD. The dose ranged from 20mg to 30mg and 40mg. Surprisingly, neither of the doses brought a major psychological change nor any side was reported. 

Yet another study with a small no. of participants measured the potency of CBN. The results revealed that CBN is least potent compared to other cannabinoids. Even after the CBN intravenous administration, the subjects reported no side effects. The only exception, in this case, was that all participants were given CBN for a longer period. Also explaining why people administered with CBN reported low intensity with pleasant effects. 
Last but not the least, we have one more study that measures the bioavailability of intravenous CBD. Now, there is one vital thing that we learn from this study. No other form of CBD consumption is as powerful as injectable form. You see, when you take CBD through your arms, it flows directly into your blood and the impact multiples. In contrast, when you eat an edible the process starts with digestion. The reason why it takes more time for you to witness the effects of an edible.

What’s More

That said, let us get back to the study and understand the concept of increased bioavailability. First and foremost, the authors of the study found out that 20mg doses of injectable CBD had four times more bioavailability than fewer doses of smoked CBD. However, the life span differed in both cases. While intravenous CBD lasted for about 24 hours, smoked CBD lasted for about 31 hours. This means that people who smoke CBD can experience the effects for an extended period. Also, injectable CBD does not stay in your body for a longer time. All in all, the study revealed how CBDs administration through the injection can leave a larger impact for a shorter span of time.

Injectable CBD: Boon Or Bane?

After thoroughly analyzing the studies mentioned-above, cannabis users will be curious to try CBD injections. However, at the back of the mind, the safety quotient will haunt you. And we advise that you consult marijuana doctors or cannabis experts before seeking cannabis care in the form of CBD injectables. 

There are plenty of licensed health physicians out there. Some of them are registered under the state medical marijuana program to help you provide a cannabis card. You can get a medical marijuana evaluation to help decide what best suits your body. 

However, we also have to look at the nitty and gritty of injectable CBD. We have to learn whether this type of consumption form is safe or not. To begin with, let us look at a report explaining the FDA’s disapproval of CBD injections.  

Recently FDA came out with a warning to companies selling CBD in the form of injections. The warning read that CBD injectables pose a great threat to cannabis users because injection flows directly into the bloodstream. Although we have studies showing that CBD injectables do not have severe side effects on the human body. The FDA still disapproves of CBD injectables. 

The warning letter was issued to two companies namely BIOTA Biosciences and Homero Corp BDA Natures. After receiving the letter both the companies immediately issued a letter saying that they understand the risk. Also, removed injectable products from their shelves. 

The FDA letter went on to say that it does not approve the use of CBD as a prescription drug. The only exception is rare forms of epilepsy. So, any company selling such products can face legal challenges. This clearly shows that CBD injections in this case are nothing less than a bane.

Role Of Injectable CBD

After saying that CBD injectables stand nullified as safe products in the eyes of the FDA. The role of injection rules out any doubts. But why are companies keen on selling CBD injections? Do they have a major role to play? Well, the answer to all these questions is not simple. Yes, it is safe to say that there is a strong reason why companies advocate the use of CBD. The only problem is the FDA’s disapproval. Thanks to the illegal status of cannabis on the federal level. 

Moreover, companies want to market these products because CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid system effectively. To do the same, it first travels through the blood and reaches out to the affected tissues, cells, and organs. In fact, it stays long enough in the bloodstream to leave a positive impact. The reason why some studies talk about CBDs increased bioavailability. Also, stating that intravenous CBD can be easily accessed by your body. So, yes it wouldn’t be wrong to say that CBD has therapeutic benefits. It can help patients get relief from pain instantly. 

The only bad news is that we do not have enough information on the subject of cannabis injectables. Be it CBD or THC. Until further in-depth research cannabis users can look forward to treating their condition with other forms of consumption. For instance, CBD oils, tinctures, tablets, and flowers.

Final Thoughts

The scientists and researchers are still studying various aspects of CBD injections. Even the FDA researchers are looking into the aspects of cannabinoid injections. For now, being wary of injections is a wise choice. The FDA does not approve of CBD injections. Maybe because they are still looking for relevant proof in the form of concrete studies. Whatever the reason, you need to stay away from anything that can cause trouble. While it is also safe to say that CBD injections have a bright future in the coming years. As more and more states are pushing towards computer cannabis legalization.

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