Bad Ass Queers in Cannabis: Artist and Activist Emily Eizen

Cannabis has traditionally been the domain of heterosexual white men and it remains an industry that struggles with diversity. That’s why we love to profile outstanding yet underrepresented artists, cultivators, makers, and business owners who are creating a name for themselves in cannabis. Like Emily Eizen who creates incredible cannabis art.

Emily Eizen
Queers in Cannabis

Los Angeles-based Emily Eizen is a queer multimedia artist thriving as a freelancer through her painting, sculpture, photography, modeling, and performances.

Emily wasn’t always into cannabis, but she was into activism. In college, she was part of a LGBTQAI+ organization on campus at The George Washington University where she studied political science.

Feeling unfulfilled, Emily turned to cannabis, something she’d dabbled in when she was younger. Smoking cannabis helped her rediscover a passion for creating art.

Although she started out in the industry as a budtender, Emily found a niche in creating editorial cannabis art and social media content. From there her career in cannabis has blossomed. She was just covered in Forbes! You can read the article here.

Follow Emily on Instagram to see more of her incredible artwork or visit her photography website here.

Do you know other talented and passionate LGBTQ folks to profile? Drop us a line at and tell us about awesome queers in cannabis!

Want to become a cannabis activist? Here are 6 easy ways to get involved!

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