Best Chill Mobile Games for Stoners

Best Chill Mobile Games for Stoners

Even if you’ve never played a video game a day in your life, there’s no time like the present to start with something relaxing on your tablet or phone.

Video games are more than simple escapism (although they’re fantastic for that), they can be educational, social, stimulating, and teach you new skills. Hack-and-slash and first-person shooter (FPS) games are great for working out aggression when you’re annoyed with your quarantine-mates, or choose a peaceful roleplaying game (RPG) where you’re a simple farmer who spends their time growing crops and crafting food. Love fashion? There’s a game for you. Love design? There are games for that too. There are games about coding, math, science, food, art, war, politics, city planning, strategy, language, and being a mean goose.

Today we’re focusing on games to help you chill out and forget what’s happening outside for a little while. Here are our picks for the best chill mobile games for stoners:

Chill Out

Stardew Valley should be first on your list if you just need to relax. Part farming simulator, part RPG, Stardew Valley casts you as the inheritor of your grandfathers’ farm. You quit your stressful city job and move to the country to rebuild it, where you go from there is up to you. You can peacefully farm, growing crops and turning them into profitable products. Become a rancher and raise cows, pigs, ducks, chicken and horses. Mining, fishing, crafting and making friends with the other residents all have their own rewards and there are plenty of quests to keep you motivated, if that’s how you like to play. Only the mines contain monsters so it’s a mostly non-violent game of exploration and country life.

Recommended for the peace-loving hippie stoner.

Minecraft isn’t a new game by any means but continues to stay at the top of video game lists with millions of enthusiasts playing and building around the world. There are several ways to play Minecraft; play in survival mode to battle monsters and get blown to hell by Creepers or peaceful/creative mode. While survival mode is both fun and challenging, creative mode is where Minecraft shines. Here you can build any structure you can dream of, from simple square rooms to sprawling villages, massive castles and architectural replicas of real buildings. If you want your mind blown, just look at this imperial palace and this Minecraft Middle Earth. You can also play this game with friends online. In fact, in China where quarantines are still in place, some schools held Minecraft graduations for students. Some people are even using Minecraft to combat censorship and change the world. Get high and build, build, build!

Recommended for builders and architects.

The mechanics in Reigns are simple, swipe left or right to make choices. Playing as the king of a fictional kingdom, you must balance the needs of various factions and your own self interests through a series of choices that frequently end in your death. Swipe right for yes, left for no. It’s a fun mix of monarchy and Tinder. They have Reigns: Queen and Reigns: Game of Thrones versions too.

Recommended for stoners who like to keep it simple.

Chef Wars is both fun and educational as you travel an open-world map battling chefs for fame and fortune (and to defeat evil). Even diehard foodies will learn surprising things about world cuisine in this game that focuses on figuring out recipes and collecting ingredients. You might even learn a little geography. All ages will enjoy this food discovery RPG; it might even inspire you to try some new recipes!

Recommended for food-loving stoners.

Fashion Empire is a boutique business sim and fashion RPG. While most fashion games are focused on dressing virtual dolls and competing in fashion challenges, Fashion Empire puts you in charge of running several clothing boutiques around the world. Regular updates include new challenges, quests, décor items and fashions to design. Fashion challenges are there if you want them, but the real focus is on designing beautiful stores, following quest lines and making cash. If you want a more straightforward fashion competition game, go for Covet Fashion where you can dress your virtual clients in real-world clothes you can buy for yourself straight from the game.

Recommended for those longing to open their own retail boutiques.

Zen Koi is perfect for when you need to center yourself and get into a meditative state. Guide peaceful koi through a pond, hatch eggs and discover new koi along the way. The graphics are beautiful and the atmosphere soothing. There are more than 300 Japanese carp to collect and if you’re feeling social you can trade them with friends online. However, this game is best as a mental time-out as you lose yourself in the tranquil waters and colorful graphics.

Recommended for anxious people and those looking for a meditative game.

Speaking of Zen, with Sprout: Idle Garden, you can plant your own Zen garden without the pressure of needing to continually play. Idle games are ones you can just check in on from time to time for a minute or an hour. You can increase the rate of the game by clicking on flowers and trees to help them grow or let them go at their own pace. Collect your profits when you have a minute, plant some more flowers and then go about your day. Design beautiful sprawling gardens of plants, flowers and trees along with neighborhoods of quaint houses.

Recommended for people who want a quick, calming, game they can play anytime.

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