Best How to Roll a Perfect Joint Videos

How to Roll a Perfect Joint videos
a man in an open air cafe rolling a joint
Photo by Panos Sakalakis on Unsplash

Best How to Roll a Perfect Joint Videos

If you’re someone new to joint rolling or have struggled with how to roll the perfect joint, YouTube is packed with helpful tutorial videos! There are many methods for rolling jays, joints, cones, doobies, and spliffs – whatever your preferred term.

Some people have a knack for rolling the perfect joint every time while the rest of us end up with lumpy, loose, or weird-burning fatties.

Here are a few tips to make your joint rolling smoother and more consistent:

  • Grind your weed thoroughly. Lumps and bumps start with chunky material.
  • Take the time to evenly distribute the ground cannabis.
  • Start with durable rolling papers. Until you master your technique, avoid torn joints with thicker, stronger papers.
  • Use a crutch or tip. Whether it’s paper crutch or glass tip, these give you access to all your smokeable material, make a tight pack, and save your fingertips from burns.
  • Go slow. Take time on each step to make sure it’s exactly how you want it. This will save you major frustration!

Until you’ve acquired the roll that feels best for you and committed it to muscle memory, mastering how to roll the perfect joint take a lot of practice! It’s a good excuse to get together with friends for smoke sessions and roll, roll, roll!

Best How to Roll a Perfect Joint Videos

This video is short and right to the point. Created by a professional joint roller, get tips on how to add filters and create a tunnel for the perfect draw every time.

This next video shows shows exactly how to get a nice cone shape on your joints. Note: rolling papers with glue may not be vegan-friendly! Here are some that are.

This lady shows us a short cut for rolling joint using a plastic card. She also rolls a bomb ass joint with amazingly long nails.

Just for fun and for those looking for something special for around the holidays, here’s a crazy video from Vice on how to roll a gingerbread man joint!

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