Artist Chloe O’Malley Creates One-of-a-Kind Cannabis Art

Artist Chloe O’Malley Creates One-of-a-Kind Cannabis Art

weed art needlepoint

Chloe O’Malley, a talented tattoo artist from the city of Leeds, England, crafts stunning cannabis art needlepoint.

Chloe creates custom work for clients, creating beautiful renditions of cannabis plants in a variety of sizes and colors. If you’re amazed by the realism, it’s because Chloe models each piece on a specific strain. She uses color, texture and 3-D elements to capture the unique aspects of each plant.

beautiful hand-stitched cannabis art

Chloe formally trained in needlepoint, something she did before turning to tattoo artistry. Now she likes to needlepoint the same subjects she enjoys tattooing, plants, insects and nature. What started as whimsical gift for a cannabis-loving boyfriend has translated into a thriving side business.

You can purchase Chloe O’Malley’s work through her online shop.

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