Female founded Broccoli Magazine offers a fresh perspective on cannabis and art, fashion, and culture.

Broccoli Magazine Combines Cannabis, Art, Fashion and Culture

If you’re looking for new cannabis media that offers an alternative to the steadfast High Times, female-founded Broccoli Magazine provides a beautifully fresh perspective. Its focus on exceptional women in the cannabis industry and stunning cannabis art truly set it apart from traditional weed magazines.

From their website, “Broccoli encourages the discovery and intelligent appreciation of cannabis through experimental and engaging explorations of art, culture, and fashion.”

Based in Portland, Oregon, Broccoli is a lifestyle magazine aimed at people who love cannabis rather than strictly a magazine about cannabis. They also produce bi-weekly podcast, like this one on what its like to work in a cannabis lab, from the perspective of Alisia Ratliff, technical director of Avient Biosciences and founder of Victus Capital Ventures (also the only woman of color in the lab).

Or this one on cultural appropriation in the cannabis industry.

You can subscribe to Broccoli Magazine here or check the list of retailers to see if it’s sold near you.

Or buy back issues here.

Want more cannabis and art? Check out The Natural Cannabis Company’s annual art competition High Art.

Free to enter, open to all artists 18+ located anywhere in the world, a new year of High Art begins February 2021.

Check out this wearable weed art!

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