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California vs. Amsterdam – which place is MORE FUN TO BUY AND SMOKE YOUR WEED?

Amsterdam is a major city in the Netherlands, which is famous for its geographical landscape, and cannabis coffee shops. Many people consider Amsterdam as a city of liberty, especially when it comes to cannabis consumption. Over the last couple of years, Amsterdam has set the pace when it comes to successfully establishing cannabis coffee shops. Even though these coffee shops are like Californian cannabis dispensaries, the exists some major differences. Cannabis coffee shops are more liberal than dispensaries. Other differences exist between coffee shops, and dispensaries are listed below.

Amsterdam’s Cannabis Coffee Shops

Even though several states in the U.S. states have passed laws relating to cannabis consumption over the years, the U.S. federal government still considers cannabis as a Schedule I drug. On the other hand, Holland has a different setup concerning cannabis legislation. Holland still regards marijuana illegal, but the government is liberal when it comes to cannabis consumption.

Decades ago, Dutch lawmakers believed that a drug-free society would lead to full wisdom. Thus, the Dutch government created the “Tolerance Policy” to overcome the adverse effect that came with cannabis prohibition on Dutch society. This policy successfully made the sale and consumption of cannabis within the grounds of licensed coffee shops and cafes to become a reality. The Dutch government doesn’t prohibit transacting small quantities of cannabis — however, it’s highly forbidden to conduct mass production of cannabis.

Differences Between Amsterdam Coffee Shops and California Cannabis Dispensaries

The Dutch get cannabis from coffee shops rather than dispensaries. These coffee shops are quite different from dispensaries in California due to several factors. Coffee shops began in Amsterdam in 1975, and this made the city to become a ground for cannabis connoisseurs.

Both coffee shops and dispensaries sell cannabis goods to consumers. However, coffee shops and dispensaries are set up quite differently. For instance, at Amsterdam coffee shops, customers can receive cannabis menus from bartenders at Amsterdam coffee shops as well as a unique aroma of different cannabis strains being rolled. While in a dispensary, customers are guided by budtenders, who usually sit behind a counter. The Budtenders also explain the different strains and effects as well as present customers with a cannabis menu.

Nonetheless, the main difference between Amsterdam’s coffee shops and California’s cannabis dispensaries deals mostly with consumer experience they offer. At coffee shops, people experience a joined shopper experience with great purpose and help from purchasing to smoking. While the objective of dispensaries is to help customers to get the cannabis products, they’re searching for.

Also, the aromas of Amsterdam coffee shops and California cannabis dispensaries are dissimilar mostly because consumers can light up in Dutch coffee shops, which isn’t allowed in U.S. dispensaries. Additionally, Amsterdam coffee shops have the smell of mixed fragrances because buyers can easily smoke their joints without fear. Whereas California’s cannabis dispensaries have the scent of fresh buds because smoking isn’t allowed.

In conclusion, the system of officially buying cannabis in California is far behind when compared to the way The Dutch enjoy coffee shops. Coffee shops are more advanced and less strict than dispensaries.

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