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Cannabis 101: Budder, Shatter, and Wax, Deciphering Cannabis Extract Names

Have you found yourself entranced by beautifully displayed amber pots of cannabis concentrates during a recent dispensary visit? You’re not alone. Cannabis extracts are wildly popular with shoppers who use them for dabbing, vaping or enhancing their favorite bowl.

There are several ways to extract cannabis oil from the plant; different companies use different techniques.

One reason they’re so popular is that extracts are more potent than cannabis flowers, so you can use just a little bit to get really high or to achieve pain relief for medical patients. Cannabis extracts in the small pots and little containers are typically used for combustion methods of medication, like smoking, vaping or dabbing. If you’re looking for something you can take orally, look for cannabis tinctures, tablets or products you can mix with liquid or place under the tongue. 

What are extracts?

Extracts or concentrates are oils containing concentrated chemical compounds of the cannabis plant, like THC and CBD. The quality and purity of an extract depend both on the quality of the cannabis used and the extraction method . Cannabis extracts can be just as flavorful as flowers!

What’s the Difference Between Budder, Shatter and Crumble?

Normally, the name of the extract will contain the strain it was made from and a reference to the consistency of the end product. For example, a very hard, clear extract made from Purple Haze would be labeled, “Purple Haze Shatter.”

Cannabis Oil Extracts

Cannabis concentrates that retain transparency throughout the extraction process are oil extracts. Based on the technique used, temperature and moisture levels, these extracts vary in consistency.

Shatter is the hardest and driest form of oil extract.

Shatter concentrates are made by liquefying and then re-solidifying the trichome crystals that coat cannabis buds (which house the THC and other cannabinoids) in a process using a solvent. The result is a brittle yet sticky, very potent concentrate that resembles amber and shatters easily when cold and melts when heat is applied.

Pull-and-Snap is the mid-range of oil extract. Pull-and-Snap is still clear but has a taffy-like consistency that “snaps” when pulled apart.

Sap is the softest of the transparent cannabis oil extracts and has a sticky, runny consistency like syrup or tree sap.

Rosin refers to an extraction process that utilizes a combination of heat and pressure to nearly instantaneously squeeze resinous sap from cannabis. It has gained popularity as a solvent-less way to create shatter-like melts. All that is needed to create rosin from cannabis is heat and pressure.

Cannabis Wax Extracts

Extracts that become opaque during the concentration process are wax extracts. This occurs when the molecules are agitated during extraction. Like shatter and sap, waxes also have varying consistencies based on the technique and temperature used to create it.

Budder is the softest wax extract. It has a sticky, creamy texture.

Honeycomb is an opaque extract similar in texture to waxy honeycomb. This is the mid-range of the wax extracts in terms of consistency.

Crumble is the driest form of cannabis wax and can be broken apart easily for dabbing.

Other Types of Extracts

Kief is dry, powdery pollen made up of the resin glands found on the trichomes of cannabis flowers. This resin contains compounds like cannabinoids and terpenes, which are responsible for the potency, effectiveness and flavor of each unique strain. Kief is typically used to make hash.

Hash is one of the oldest cannabis extracts. The powdery pollen of the cannabis plant known as kief is compressed into a concentrate called hash. It isn’t as potent as today’s modern extracts but remains popular in many cultures.

Live resin concentrates are made using a freezing process on freshly harvested cannabis plants. Much of the plant’s flavor and potency is lost during drying. Flash-freezing fresh cannabis prevents this loss and results in highly potent, flavorful, connoisseur-grade extracts.

You can make rosin dabs at home with this simple beauty tool.

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