Cannabis and THC: How to Lower Your Weed Tolerance

cannabis and thc: how to reset your weed tolerance
Photo by Nick Bondarev from Pexels

Cannabis and THC: How to Lower Your Weed Tolerance

If you’re a chronic partaker of the chronic, you may notice that you don’t get as high as you used to. Regular users of cannabis build up a tolerance to THC and other cannabinoids. You might find weed not as giggly and fun. Or it takes more material to get you high. This can impact both your enjoyment of cannabis and your budget! Luckily, it’s not hard to lower your weed tolerance. We’ve got the tips you need!

High Tolerance Makes Medicating Frustrating

If you’re using cannabis for medical or wellness purposes, a high tolerance means you aren’t getting the maximum effects you’re looking for. This can be especially frustrating when treating chronic conditions where cannabis is essential to controlling symptoms.

It also makes medicating more expensive as it requires more and more weed to get the same level of relief.

A Healthy Lifestyle Helps Keep Tolerance Balanced

THC is stored in the body’s fat cells. A healthy lifestyle of exercise and a nutritious diet prevents the build-up of fat and keeps your internal processes moving. So, what does that look like?

Move Daily

You don’t have to be a gym member or do 20 sets of squats, just move your body every day. Dance, skip, jump rope, run, swim, bike, walk, do yoga – the possibilities are endless. Just make sure to break a sweat and get your blood pumping. Simple tricks for getting more daily exercise include parking in the farthest spot from your destination, always taking the stairs, and cranking the music for spontaneous dance parties!


Drink your water. Fizzy or plain, hot or cold; drink more water! Water flushes your system and helps with cell growth and renewal. It also helps cardiovascular health, keeps joints supple, helps regular body temperature, and is essential for healthy skin. Soda and juice don’t count!

Get Your Antioxidants

Antioxidants are key to healthy cells and preventing daily environmental damage.

Always Mix It Up

In addition to a healthy lifestyle, there are a few other changes you can make to lower your weed tolerance. Don’t get into a rut where you smoke the same strain every day, or even use the same medication method.

Switch Consumption Methods

If you typically vape, take the occasional edible or dab instead. If you smoke flowers, try a tincture. Just make a change from your usual routine. And that includes…

Try New Strains

If you’re smoking the same strain, especially from the same batch, your body is bound to build up a tolerance quickly. Experimenting with different strains and their unique cannabinoid/terpene make-ups can prevent this. If you’re not sure where to start with picking new strains, explore the lineage and hybrids created with your favorite strain.

Switch THC for CBD

You don’t have to give up THC for good, but choosing high CBD products occasionally gives your tolerance a break. You’ll feel good but clear-headed.

And If All Else Fails

It really only takes 48 hours of abstaining from cannabis to reset your tolerance completely. Take a few days off from all weed and weed products and getting high will almost feel like the first time again.