Cannabis Is an Aphrodisiac

cannabis is an aphrodisiac
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Cannabis Is an Aphrodisiac

Researchers have even theorised about using it as treatment for sexual dysfunction

My favourite thing to do high is to order a pizza and watch nature documentaries. I’m British, so my preference is anything by Sir David Attenborough. The weed helps you to recognise the majesty of the animal kingdom. Everything is no much more entertaining, more heightened and amazing.

My second favourite thing is to have sex. I believe you haven’t had sex until you’ve had high sex. It’s different in an earth-shattering “this is the greatest feeling in the world” kind of way. I’ve had sex sober and on alcohol, but nothing beats marijuana.

The last time I had high sex

I had planned to spend the evening with a long term fuck buddy of mine, Oliver. (I have written about him before; this meet-up happened a few years post dirty talk stage, thank god). We would hook up every few months or so, and it would be as if no time had elapsed (as a preference I like never to text fuckbuddies, keeps things simple).

We had been meeting like this for the past two years and had gotten into a routine. He would bring and pay for the weed. Roll one as I ordered the food.

What would happen next would entirely depend on where we ordered the food. But in this instance, I was craving Chinese so that it would have been a quick delivery. So I told him it was better to wait and put on some Bojack Horseman to pass the time (to this day I even remember the episode, it was the ski race one).

My warning fell on deaf ears because two minutes into the show I felt his hands slowly begin to linger and wander down my torso. I tried my best to ignore them, but as I said, weed tends to enhance everything, so it felt like he was undoing me with every soft caress.

One of his hands made it’s way between my thighs as he softly kissed up and down my neck. I was still holding steady at this point, though. I am insanely stubborn, and I was determined to win. Win what, I don’t know, but I was going to do it! However, we had been intimate for years at this point. So he knew exactly which buttons to press. So with one finger, he gently circled my clit, adding and receding pressure as he deemed necessary.

I felt myself ripple with ecstasy. He had won, and I was in. I flipped over, and he flashed me a quick victory smile before we got to business. Ravishing each others body as if we were each other first drink of water in days.

Why does it feel so good?

Weed is an aphrodisiac. Researchers have even theorised about using it as a treatment for sexual dysfunction. In the study, half of the participants reported feeling “aphrodisiac effects” while 70% of users say they experienced “enhancement in pleasure and satisfaction.”

These findings were corroborated by researchers from the University of Catania in Italy and Charles University and Masaryk University in the Czech Republic who did not find any gender differences in these results. Indicating marijuana could be a libido-booster regardless of a person’s sex.

There are plenty of other reasons to enjoy it too. Cannabis is highly unlikely to lead to significant dependency issues. It can alleviate a bunch of other ailments such as muscle pain and has been found to promote safer sex — one study, in particular, finding a potential decrease in risky behaviour.

I like it because everything feels better. You feel connected, orgasms are more powerful. I stay out of my head more. I concentrate on the feelings and impulse.

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Originally published on, December 7, 2019 — Author Brooklyn Thomas: 

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