Can CBD Cause Me to Fail a Drug Test?

Can CBD Cause Me to Fail a Drug Test?

CBD products are one of the fastest growing markets in the health and wellness industry. CBD, a derivative of cannabis, is a cannabinoid with many medicinal benefits yet no psychoactive effects. In other words, it doesn’t get you high. All types of people are using CBD for everything from stress relief to preventing seizures. It reduces pain and alleviates inflammation. CBD can help you sleep and can soothe digestive disorders. But, will it cause you to fail a drug test?

Some CBD Products Contain THC

Although rare, there have been cases were CBD products have caused someone to fail a drug test for cannabis which tests for another cannabinoid, THC. How is this possible? CBD products often contain trace amounts of THC. To label a product as CBD, it must contain .3% or less THC, but not all products are alike.

In many states where cannabis is legal, CBD products manufactured from cannabis plants can only be sold through licensed retail dispensaries. CBD products created from hemp however are sold in gas stations and health food stores around the country. Who enforces these guidelines ? Unless it’s a lab tested product that displays its cannabinoid results, some products labeled as CBD could end up containing much more THC than expected.

Not All CBD Products Are Free of THC

In one recent test, one out of five CBD products purchased online contained enough THC to cause impairment. Since THC accumulates in the fat cells, it would be possible to fail a drug test by taking only “CBD” products. But only if the CBD products contained more THC than guidelines dictate.

Prevent this by taking pure CBD products. Purchase lab tested products with minimal to no traces of THC. You can find these through licensed retail dispensaries.

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