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Cannaclusive Offers Free Images of People of Color and Cannabis

People of color in the cannabis industry are underrepresented everywhere, from business owners to consumers. Looking at today’s cannabis marketing, you’re most likely to see a slew of cheerful white faces touting the benefits of CBD or selling new vape pens.

There’s a narrow margin between the percentage of white people who have recently smoked weed (14%) and Black people (17%), so where are the positive images of Black men and women enjoying cannabis?

Positive Images of People of Color and Cannabis

The founders of Cannaclusive sought to solve this problem. They have a Flickr feed filled with more than 500 diverse images of people of color and cannabis, men and women of varying ages, styles, and yes, ethnicity.

Image Courtesy of Cannaclusive

Use the images for free under the Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial 4.0 International License, which means you’re free to copy and share with proper credit to the source (i.e. Cannaclusive) but cannot use them for monetary gain.

To use and share them, or make modifications, give appropriate credit, provide a link to the license, and indicate if changes were made.

While you can’t use these images to promote products or your business directly, you can use them in places like blogs, newsletters, business presentations or really anything that isn’t soliciting money or sales.

Why Representation Matters

black hands holding cannabis courtesy of Cannaclusive
Not all hands have to be white hands.

It’s difficult for white people to grasp how important it is to see positive images of people who look like us. After all, images of white people are literally everywhere. They are the majority of the entertainment industry and the faces of products and companies around the globe. But when you don’t see yourself reflected and normalized in society, it raises the questions, “do I matter? Am I valued?”

Normalizing people of color and cannabis is critical to breaking down an inequitable system that has penalized Black and Latino communities for decades. Too often images of Black people, Black men in particular, are associated with crime and violence. As recent news can attest, these persistent racial biases can have deadly consequences.

So when considering your marketing, be sure to use imagery that depicts people of color and cannabis. Open the door the inclusivity.

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