Cooking with Cannabis with Nonna Marijuana

Nonna Marijuana shows how to prepare cannabis infused Italian food
Nonna Marijuana’s Italian Cooking with Cannabis

Thanks to the internet, learning to cook without picking up a cookbook is easy. Watch chefs from all over create their best cannabis recipes on streaming services like Netflix, Hulu and YouTube. Just follow along. Don’t feel intimidated when cooking with cannabis!

A fun show for foodies that’s free on YouTube is Bong Appetit. It’s a show dedicated to fine cannabis cuisine. Whether an episode features an elaborate dinner party or highlights a single chef, you’ll surely gain inspiration and probably some pretty stony cravings. Just check out some of these recipes.

One favorite episode is this one of Nonna Marijuana, a classic Italian grandma and cannabis chef in Northern California. She’s 94 years old. In this video, Nonna demonstrates not only how to make cannabis butter but Italian classics like cannabis-infused chicken cacciatore and gnocchi. You can almost smell her cooking through the screen! Her sense of humor and delicious cannabis recipes won her many fans online.

Northern California weed grandma shows us how it’s done in this Italian cooking with cannabis video

Tired of mainstream Food Network programming? Check out the food shows on the Vice network. Find a variety of shows that can’t be found anywhere else. A lot edgier than The Pioneer Woman!

Want more cannabis recipes? Make this cannabis jam for a relaxing morning or tea time!

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