Cool Cannabis Careers Outside the Dispensary

Cool Cannabis Careers Outside the Dispensary

weed photography is just one cool cannabis career
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Dispensaries offer many great roles for people seeking careers in cannabis. Customer service AKA budtender is one of the best known weed jobs. It’s a good choice for outgoing people who enjoy working with and educating the public. Manager, buyer, marketing, human resources, security, there are many dispensary positions to fill. But what about cool cannabis careers outside the dispensary?

There are many cool cannabis careers for creatives
Weed Photography

From advertising and marketing to online sales, the demand for cannabis photography has never been higher. If you dream of becoming a professional photographer, consider this niche market! New brands launch all the time, so product photography is a great skill to have. Many companies need special event and lifestyle photography too.

Cool cannabis careers weed model
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Weed Model

One thing weed photographers often need is a good model. Weed models do more than just pose for photos, however. In the era of social media, cannabis models are content creators, promoting brands and products online. Many models work as brand ambassadors, attending promotional events and parties.

Content Creator

The cannabis industry needs high quality content. If creativity is your specialty, this cool cannabis career is for you! Dynamic and engaging content gets clicks and shares. Everyone wants a viral video. From websites to social media, content creation is critical for success. Masterful writing, shareable videos, riveting infographics, podcasts, web shows – there’s a space for it all!


Artists, illustrators and graphic designers develop eye-catching packaging, websites, brochures, logos, advertising, and cannabis apparel. Whatever type of design you do, there’s opportunity waiting. Weed fashion design is exploding as companies seek to change the “stoner tie-dye” stereotype. Whether it’s streetwear, commercial, or “high” fashion, the market is waiting.


Cannabis edibles are the largest growing market in the industry. People can’t get enough weed-infused cookies, candies, snacks, drinks and meals. Someone needs to dream up and create new products. If baking and snacks aren’t your thing, become a professional cannabis chef for private events. Or start an online cooking show. Cannabis restaurants are in the future, soon head weed chef will become a viable job!

What cool cannabis career fulfills your employment dreams? Did we miss one? Share it with us in the comments section!

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