Don’t Leave Me High – Don’t Leave Me Dry

Don’t Leave Me High – Don’t Leave Me Dry

High and dry. 

That’s what the State of California has done to the evolving “cannabis industry”. 

They have left us high and dry with the over regulation, excessive permit fees, inspections that make no sense, rules that make no sense, exorbitant lab testing fees,the taxation of a loan shark and finally a near complete disregard for the thriving black market cannabis sales.

In the pre-covid nutiness,  the “seshes” in Oakland, California were so brazen, the vendors selling at these events had their own brands which were so established, they gave out promotional materials such as stickers, hats and t-shirts.  

If you’ll go on right now and enter “Cookies Packaging” into the search bar, you will find how easy it is to grow some weed, shove it in a package and then sell it on the black market under the guise of it being a legal name brand with a somewhat stable reputation.

Recently, I was personally given a pack of “Stoney Patch” candies that upon inspection had no warnings, no legal labels, looked very, very appealing to small children and was completely illegal. Take a look at the photo attached to the article. Pretty appealing, huh? 

When I asked the person that gave me the candy where they purchased it and why they purchased it, they told me “the black market is much cheaper and just as good as the legal dispensary products”.

I couldn’t argue that point. It’s true.

There is no possible way to keep the black market from thriving unless more permits are given out to more real people, not just the empty, mindless corporate suits.

The rich white corporate suits are attempting to wrangle the California cannabis markets and they are pretty much failing. When they finish  fucking things up for everyone in the industry, especially the small artisanal farmers, the true cannabis entrepreneurs will pop back up and try to make a go of the mess that has been made thus far.

Yes I just blamed the black market massacre on the corporate fucks. 

So until the suits finish gutting the legal markets of any small businesses trying to stay above water, good luck trying to compete against the “Backpack Boyz” and their backpack brigade. Their shit is good and so is their business model. No taxes, no permits, no lab testing and no Big Brother’s giant thumb of oppression and corruption to put them out of business, because no one is watching or regulating them.

Are you listening State of California regulators? 

The answer is no.