Funny 420 memes to get you through the week

When times get tough, memers get memeing. Take a break from the wild, chaotic world outside, pack a bowl or light a joint, and scroll through some funny 420 memes to make you smile.

We’ve all been this person! Lol!

smoking weed

It’s never advisable to go shopping when high. You gotta plan for that snack attack or you’ll end with all kinds of weird, like pickle pops or powdered peanut butter.

funny weed memes

It’s okay to be subtle if you blaze.

cannabis meme

Cannabis edibles potent as hell! First-timers take it easy! Want to make your own weed popsicles? We’ve got recipes!

weed memes

Just one day keeps the doctor away…or something like that.

420 memes

No judgement.

getting high

Show us your favorite funny weed memes in the comments!

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