Hemp and Other Sustainable Alternatives to New Denim Jeans

Hemp Jeans Might Save the Planet

Hemp Jeans for Men and Women – Afends

If it’s one thing that true cannabis lovers cherish, it’s the earth. After all, it’s nature that brought us this wild growing, wonder plant that can do everything from make us giggle uncontrollably to help children live with severe epilepsy and everything in between. Not everyone is cut out to be an eco-warrior and that’s okay, but we can all do our part by making small lifestyle changes that have a serious impact over time. Two small changes to make today are finding sustainable alternatives to new denim and adding more hemp jeans to your wardrobe.

access to water is a PRIVILEGE not afforded to all

Potable water is a privilege on this planet, with 780 million people lacking access to fresh water. Some of those people live here in the United States in states like Delaware, Michigan, Idaho, Kansas and Nevada; 2 million Americans, specifically. Sadly, most of the people lacking access are ethnic minorities like our Native American populations. Black and Latinx households are 5 times more likely to lack basic water access than white households. And naturally, most affected communities fall well below the poverty line. With those facts in mind, using on average 12,000 gallons of water to create a single pair of jeans seems a bit wasteful, doesn’t it?

12,000 Gallons of Water Wasted

That’s right, about 1,800 gallons of water are required just to grow enough cotton to produce a single pair of blue jeans. The remaining production processes such as dyeing, and washing have been estimated to use up almost 10,000 gallons of water. But don’t panic! We can’t live without our jeans either, so we’ve got solutions, including hemp.

Sustainable alternatives to new denim jeans

1. Buy vintage/secondhand. Spend the money that would’ve gone to water-sucking new jeans and instead splurge on a fabulous vintage pair. Everywhere from upscale consignment stores to your local thrift shop has racks of denim for you to browse through. All that wear and fading that comes with a new pair of fashion jeans costs water. Buy used for a natural faded, distressed or aged look!

Shop for vintage and used denim online at sites like:

Beyond Retro


Etsy Vintage Denim

Shop Goodwill


hemp jeans and other cool streetwear
Hemp Denim Streetwear – Mungen & Soul

2. Upcycle your old jeans. Give your local tailor some business by having them rework one or several pairs of your old jeans into something new and cool. Change your tired denim into a new look with fashion trends like short, cropped jeans, patchwork, and front seams. If you’ve never had clothing tailored before, it’s more affordable than you think and nothing beats the look of something fitted just for you.

Need ideas? Check out these trending denim styles.

3. Buy sustainable and eco-friendly brands that use hemp or hemp blends. A renewed interest in hemp fabric for fashion is leading companies to consider sustainability when it comes to clothing manufacturing. Your choice of fabric does matter. For every 2,600 gallons of water used to make cotton denim, hemp only requires 80-160 gallons for the same amount of fabric.

Hemp doesn’t mean frumpy, schlumpy or low grade either. Hemp fabric is 2.5X stronger than synthetics meaning a long lifespan and no residual plastic microbeads polluting our waterways.

Hempy’s carries a whole line of hemp clothing, accessories, home goods and yes, hemp jeans.  

Jungmaven has a cool hemp denim shirt and lots of tees, hemp bedding and other décor.

Afends has a selection of hemp blend jeans for men and women.

Mugen & Soul has hemp denim streetwear.

Looking for other ways to make a difference? Check out our easy ways to become a cannabis activist!

Did you know there’s a 72 acre mural dedicated to hemp in America’s Midwest?