make dabs at home with a hair styling tool

How to Make Dabs at Home with a Flat Iron

Did you know you can make your own rosin dabs at home with a hair styling tool? And, it’s easier than you’d think! There’s no need for expensive equipment. You can make dabs at home safely using two common household items – a hair straightening tool and some parchment paper.

What is Rosin?

Rosin is a solventless extract created using heat and pressure. This makes it the ideal product to safely make at home from any of your favorite strains. No dangerous chemicals or high-end processing equipment required!

Make Dabs at Home with This Common Beauty Tool

Here’s all you need to get started:

  • A wide, flat hair straightener with low temperature settings (215°-300°f). Anything hotter and you’ll lose valuable terpenes and cannabinoids.
  • Base material – cannabis flowers, kief, hash, etc…
  • Parchment paper
  • Collection tool/ scraper
  • Heat-resistant gloves

Tip: Look for a flat iron with a digital display and low heat setting like this one.

6 Steps to Homemade Dabs


Pre-heat your styling tool to the lowest setting.

Cut one square of parchment paper that’s approximately 2x the width of your iron surface.

Place your base material on one side of the parchment paper. Fold in half.

Place the folded packet into the flat iron and compress for several seconds, until you hear sizzling.

Remove the packet from heat, open carefully and remove any plant material.

Collect the remaining residue. Repeat as necessary with fresh material.


TIP: For a more malleable product, collect the residual rosin into a small pile on your parchment paper. Refold and gently press to make a flat “disc,” then place on a cool surface for a minute or two.

Have you made dabs at home like these or in other ways? Let us know how it went in the comments below!

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