In states where cannabis is legal, it’s unlikely your child will remain unaware of it for long regardless of age. Even if weed isn’t used in your home, some of your kid’s playmates’ parents or siblings are probably toking up right now. Cannabis appears on the news, in popular music, and in casual and political conversations. In legalized recreational states, speaking about cannabis isn’t much different than speaking of a glass of wine or happy hour cocktail. It’s important to talk to your kids about weed so they have facts and not hearsay and rumors!

Children’s Books Make Talking about cannabis easy

If you’re not sure what to say to your kids about cannabis, medical or otherwise, why not let an author explain for you? Reading to your child is not only a fantastic bonding experience but can spark the flame of lifelong learning.

Your child is likely to hear all kinds of mixed-up information about cannabis and other substances. Not knowing the facts only makes weed more mysterious and tempting. Help them understand the medical and health benefits of cannabis and not a demonized drug.

Ask for these books at your local bookstore!

It’s Just a Plant – Ricardo Cortés

It’s Just a Plant is an illustrated children’s book about marijuana. It follows the journey of a young girl as she learns about the plant from a diverse cast of characters including her parents, a local farmer, a doctor, and a police officer.

If a Peacock Finds a Pot LeafMorgan Carman

The first installment of educational children’s books about Peter the peacock, starts when Peter is going for a walk in the forest and discovers a new leaf, he goes on to meet some helpful woodland creatures who teach him the many benefits and uses of medical marijuana.

Stinky Steve Explains Medical Marijuana – Maggie Volpo

Millions of people use cannabis, also called marijuana, for a wide range of medical reasons. However, because there is still social stigma attached to cannabis use, many people who care for children hide or lie about their medication. Stinky Steve is here to help adults discuss responsible medical cannabis use with the children in their lives. Let Stinky Steve facilitate a conversation about cannabis use and safety in your home!

What’s that Weed? – Russ Hudson

When Emmy visits her new friend Stella’s farm, she discovers a mysterious plant called Weed. But Emmy soon realizes that weed is a very special plant. Used by Stella’s family in food, medicine, and more, Emmy quickly learns that Weed is anything but a weed. Join Emmy and Stella as they investigate how this simple little plant is used in many ways, every day, by normal, happy people.

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