Please allow me to introduce you to a badass.

his name is lenny bruce and he was a comedian.

take a look at this two minute long 1950’s clip where he discusses fake news and the fake news media.

it’s an eye-opener to see that not much has changed in over 60 years.

lenny bruce spoke his truth and constantly questioned “authority”.

according to Wikipedia, Lenny bruce was convicted in 1964 for obscenity. he was BASICALLY arrested for telling dirty jokes onstage about sex. so the next time you hear a dirty joke and laugh, thank lenny bruce for your freedom to freely hear that joke.

oh yeah, and he was a weed smoker.

watch lenny bruce in action:


[youtube v=”RHW51JGtzS4″]


Lenny Bruce’s trial for obscenity is seen as a landmark for freedom of speech in the United States.[

thanks Wikipedia and thru media for this gem!


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