Midweek Slump? These 3 Cannabis Products Will Get You Through to the Weekend

It’s hump day! For those struggling at work with irritating coworkers, disconnected bosses or whatever makes your daily grind a grind, we have some great cannabis recommendations to pick you up and carry you to the weekend with their mood-boosting, stress-busting effects.

If you’re new to cannabis or cannabis edibles, here are our tips for integrating cannabis into your day:

·       Start small. Always go with the lowest dose of cannabis needed to achieve results. It’s easy to get higher; it’s much harder to come down when you get too high.

·       Know your limits. Some people are high functioning stoners. They’re able to carry on as normal with staggering amounts of THC in their system. Others can’t remember how to make a bowl of cereal. So, it’s up to you to determine whether cannabis will bring you up or slow you down.

·       Remember, you’re a unique snowflake. Cannabis affects everyone differently. What works for one person, may not work for you. When you read about cannabis effects, you’re receiving information about what most (not all) people experience when using that product or strain. If it doesn’t affect you in the same way, that’s okay. You’re just special. There are thousands of products and strains to try!

#1 Morning Buzz

If you’re a fan of the wake-and-bake lifestyle and/or enjoy a little cannabis with your morning joe, you can’t go wrong with Wood Wide Farms’ Tropicanna. These dense, frosted buds radiate the aroma of fresh oranges, making them the perfect addition to any breakfast vape session. The mainly cerebral effects will produce an energetic, focused buzz that leaves you feeling inspired and productive.

Catch your morning buzz here 

Lunch Break

You’ll want a clear head while at work, so if you need a little help getting through your afternoon meetings, give Kanha’s CBD Gummies a try. With barely any THC and lots of feel-good CBD, you can cruise through the rest of the day feeling calm, alert and anxiety-free. CBD can even lower your blood pressure. Consider that before your next performance review.

Find your midday focus here.

After Work

Kick off those shoes, strip off that bra and treat yo’self to the ultimate in chill-out strains, Farmacy Phactory’s Limited Edition Runtz! A superlative example of Northern California craft cannabis, Runtz is a couch-lock creeper that will leave you pain-free, worry-free and ready to binge watch the entire season of I Am Not Okay With This on Netflix.

Take Netflix and chill to a whole other level now.

Trying cannabis edibles for the first time? Check out our Noob’s Guide to Choosing Cannabis Edibles.

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