Noob’s Guide to Choosing Cannabis Edibles

how to choose cannabis edibles
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Noob’s Guide to Choosing Cannabis Edibles

Are you new to cannabis edibles? There’s more than just fancy packaging and marketing campaigns to consider. Edibles have come a long way since your free-spirited aunt’s pot brownies. Now nearly every food or beverage you can think of has been infused with cannabis extracts. Tea, soda, juice, cookies, cake, candies, granola bars, chocolates, snack mix and so much more. With so many choices, how do you choose? Here are a few things to keep in mind when picking out cannabis edibles:

1.       Flavor. There’s a vast range in flavor quality in infused edibles. Some are so delicious you can’t believe they contain cannabis oil, while others taste overwhelmingly of it, not something most people enjoy. With an array of edibles at your disposal, there’s no reason to settle for something that doesn’t taste as good as it makes you feel! Online reviews and employee recommendations can help you determine the best tasting, high quality edibles in your area. Once you’ve found something you love, use the company’s website to find additional retailers nearby.

2.       Packaging. Shiny packaging is great, but what you’re looking for is information. While California dictates what information is required on cannabis packaging, look for edibles that offer guidance on expected results, proper dosing instructions, and other consumer-friendly info, not just THC/CBD counts.

3.       Easy dosing. It’s easier to get an accurate dose out of some products than others, especially if you’re using cannabis edibles for microdosing. Look for products that make it simple to reach your desired medication level. It’s easier to gradually build up to where you want to be with 5 mg hard candies than say a bag of trail mix or a drink mix. Make sure you read the packaging and know how much a dose is before enjoying any new edible!

4.       Effects. People use cannabis edibles for many reasons and at different times so it makes sense to choose products that will give you the specific effects you’re looking for. Planning a fun day out? You’ll want an energetic edible. Using them help insomnia? Something chill and mellow can help. Edibles don’t generally list what strains they’re made from, so look for clear info on what you should expect or what time of day it’s recommended for. You don’t want energetic, creative thoughts racing around when you’re trying to catch some shut eye!

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