Noob’s Guide to Vaping Cannabis

Young woman vaping cannabis

While stoners in the past were limited to burning cannabis to get high, modern technology has brought many new delivery methods to consider. There are pros and cons to each. Vaping cannabis has become one of the most popular ways to medicate, either recreationally or medically. For readers new to cannabis, here’s everything you need to know about vaping.

What is Vaping?

Vaping is when a material (oil or flowers) is heated to a temperature that releases compounds in a vapor but is below the temperature of combustion. When you smoke cannabis flowers, the heat incinerates the plant material releasing its cannabinoids and creating a residue, some of which is inhaled and the rest resulting in the sticky, black resin inside your bowl.

Why Vape?

By eliminating incineration, you also eliminate the charred material you introduce into your airways through smoking and much of the residue you’d find in a pipe. For medical cannabis users with major health vulnerabilities, vaping or oral administration of cannabis are highly preferable. Regular smokers will often notice a marked reduction in mouth/throat irritation within several days once switching to a vaporizer. In addition to feeling healthier, your house will smell better as vaping doesn’t cause smoke. You’ll also begin to truly experience and appreciate the diverse flavor profiles of different strains.

Types of Vaping

Pens: Vape pens are a popular way to enjoy cannabis oils. Pre-filled cartridges are readily available at dispensaries (here’s our favorite: The Natural refill) or you can opt for a vaporizer or pen that you fill yourself. It’s important to purchase your vape pens and refills from authorized, legal dispensaries which perform the strict, required testing of all cannabis products. Black market vape pens caused a recent health scare which was traced to tainted cartridges that used vitamin e acetate as a cutting agent. Always buy pure cannabis oil, free from artificial flavors and additives!

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Dry Vaporizers: Dry vaporizers are made to heat ground cannabis flowers. Examples of dry vaporizers include the Pax handheld and Volcano tabletop vaporizers. Quality vaporizers aren’t cheap, but they work exceptionally well and are long-lasting. One benefit of using a dry vaporizer is that you can use any cannabis flowers, homegrown or purchased, so your variety is endless.

Wet Vaporizers: This refers to any vaporizer made for oils or concentrates like waxes or shatter. Some dry vaporizers come with interchangeable chambers, one for flowers and one for extracts. There are also pens and handheld vaporizers that only use extracts, like this Pax Era.

Love flowers and cannabis oil? Get a dual-purpose vape!

If you enjoy switching between cannabis flowers and oils, a dual-purpose vaporizer is a great investment.

Pens are easy to use and portable. Switching strains with a cartridge style vape pen is as easy as unscrewing one cartridge and replacing it with another. Although the selection of strains is typically smaller than with flowers, it won’t be hard to find ones that appeal to you.

If you use a vaporizer that you fill yourself, make sure to give it a good cleaning before switching strains.

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