Overcoming Stress With CBD, Meditation, and Yoga

Overcoming Stress With CBD, Meditation, and Yoga

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Read on to find out how CBD, meditation, and yoga can help benefit people in dealing with stress and anxiety.

Gone are the days when allopathic medicines were the only legit solution to many of the body’s ailments. The latest discoveries and scientific researches are consequently shifting our perception and paving a way to holistic healing and alternative medications. That is how herbs like cannabis have evolved from a Schedule I Drug listing to FDA-approved medicine for treating conditions like epilepsy.  

On account of its amazing therapeutic properties, medical researchers isolated a cannabis derivative, CBD. CBD shows many health benefits with negligible psychoactive properties. Nowadays, you may get to hear many people recommending CBD oil for the treatment of chronic conditions, both physical and mental. 

How CBD Can Help
  1. Enhance Moods

The endocannabinoid system (ECS) in the human body is a mesh of nerves and receptors that helps manage our response to external stimuli. It is responsible for managing activities such as mood, appetite, memory, etc. The tiny neurotransmitters present throughout the central and peripheral nervous system can interact with the cannabinoids both naturally produced in our body or supplemented externally. CBD contains plant-based cannabinoids that bind efficiently with our receptors to alter chemical activities and change our response to various stimuli, which may include stressors and anxiety triggers. 

So, the right dosage of Lazarus Naturals CBD can negate the impact of stress by altering our mood. Its impact magnifies several folds when paired with meditation and yoga. Visualization, along with positive affirmations, can bring a sense of happiness and increase dopamine and serotonin levels in our body. Research suggests that CBD is beneficial in increasing the body’s capacity to absorb these happy hormones. So, CBD and meditation in conjugation can help bring hormonal balance and help set a natural happy rhythm in the body. 

  1. Overcoming Past Traumas and Depression

Many of us follow an escape mechanism when it comes to dealing with our emotions. We tend to bury them deep, often unaddressed. However, our mind works like a spring, absorbing each of these experiences only to throw it back with a greater force. 

Yoga and meditation center on the mind and can help channel these suppressed emotions in a congenial way. Yoga asanas such as lion pose and bound angle pose can unravel stored tension in our body and help release trauma. Studies reveal CBD to help manage severe stress-related issues such as Social anxiety disorders and Post-traumatic stress disorders. So, CBD oil can perfectly complement yoga practice in managing even acute stress conditions. 

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  1. Sleep Better

Our brain is responsible for managing several cognitive activities and body functions around the clock. Sometimes, the overactivity in our brain hampers our sleep interfering with the natural flow of the body. Likewise, stress creates a hormonal balance that can interfere with sleep cycles. Yoga and meditation can eradicate these imbalances by promoting deep relaxation. CBD oil can comprehensively help cure insomnia and improve the quality of sleep. It can also help reduce instances of rapid eye movement and dreaming thus, restoring deep sleep rhythms.

  1. Reduce Physical Stress

Stress is an umbrella term for emotional as well as physical imbalance in our system. Physical stress arises due to prolonged exposure to any harmful elements that bring discord and tension in our system. Physical and mental stress are more often intertwined in a cause-effect relationship, in which one leads to another. So, it is pertinent to let the body relax by following regular physical movement and detoxification. Yoga triggers the right muscle movement to eradicate signs of physical stress. When combined with CBD oil it can provide relief against chronic pain conditions such as arthritis and muscle spasm. 

It can also help reduce inflammation in your system that can arise due to an intense or prolonged yoga session. Its anti-inflammatory properties reduce digestive struggles that include digestive tract inflammation and bloatedness. Together they can improve focus and increase relaxation. Mindful breathing practices such as Pranayam and Shavasana can help detoxify the body, thus warding off physical stress altogether. 

The Bottom Line

There are many ways to pair CBD, yoga and meditation practice. You can vape CBD vaping oil before a session to feel the immediate impact or go for an edible that takes some time to kick. Flavored CBD gummies are one of the most enjoyable ways to get it in your body. If you want to keep it simple you may even go for a sublingual tincture for an oral administration. Remember the edibles take more time to show effects than vaping or tinctures. So, timing your dosage along with your session can let you enjoy the maximum benefits of this powerful combination. 

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