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  • Rocking a 14.5mm Joint
  • 45 Degree Joint
  • Colored Glass
  • Diffused downstem
  • Made for Dry Herbs
  • Has a Male Joint
  • Female Bowl
  • 6 inches
  • Cobalt Glass
  • Made in Asheville NC
  • Made in the USA

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Product Description

Iridescent swirls of fuming and a worked floral marble will make you feel like you’re deep under the sea.

This piece comes to you from Asheville, NC and is the perfect bubbler pipe for small but tasty hits. A cobalt body sports a variety of fuming that swirls over the surface like oil on water. A floral marble sits on the side, giving this simple rig the extra artistic flare to make it a perfect affordable heady water pipe. A diffused downstem, paired with a small beaker base, percolates the water with just enough bubble to lessen the harshness of your flower hits while also providing optimal flavor.

Floral marble and fuming may vary in design and color – they’re each unique and beautiful!

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