COSMIC CASE GRINDER - Mini Triple Chamber

COSMIC CASE GRINDER – Mini Triple Chamber

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A tiny yet sophisticated piece of vaporizing equipment, this mini shreds and stores your herbs elegantly.

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Product Description

  • Our highest recommended model of grinder
  • Shreds, stores, sifts all in one
  • Consistent grind perfect for convection vaporizing
  • No need to touch the herbs!
  • Super strong diamond shaped teeth do not chip, bend or break.
  • Ultra strong Neodymium magnet closure
  • Medical grade Acola brand aluminum
  • Made in the U.S.A. assures you a quality product free of aluminum powder or machining lubricants
  • From the original makers of the legendary Space Case
  • Measures approx: 1 5/8″W x 1 1/4″T

This tiny grinder requires good hand strength to operate. Best for personal use!

Load the grinder, close and turn, then open the middle compartment. You can vacuum the ground herbs up into the Whip. This is the most convenient loading method we know. Never having to touch the ground herbs ensures you won’t lose any material to your hands.

Fingerprint and scratch resistant, these grinders will look sharp for years to come. Colors are applied by anodizing, ensuring they won’t chip off into your herbs.

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