GROW-RAY - Side-Ray

GROW-RAY – Side-Ray

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100 watts of easily moveable side light for increased flowering.

Product Description

In nature, the sun fully illuminates a plant from bottom to top and back to bottom as it moves from horizon to horizon. Indoors, a fixed light only shines from the top down. Most greenhouse and indoor grow lights are fixed, and don’t provide the sun’s side to side coverage, unlike the Side-Ray. Most LED indoor grow lighting is done with a simple red/blue LED in the mistaken belief that this spectrum is all that’s needed for photosynthesis. Red/blue light is mostly absorbed in the first layer of leaves, yielding minimal canopy penetration. Side-Ray™ full spectrum lights penetrate through the canopy, and produce much healthier and more fully developed biomass than top lighting alone. Each Side-Ray light is 100 watts of the latest high efficiency LEDs running at 50% power to further extend their 50,000 hour lifespan, which equals 11.4 years at 12 hrs/day

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