HAMM'S WATERWORKS - Tiny Windowpane Recycler Rig

HAMM’S WATERWORKS – Tiny Windowpane Recycler Rig

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  • Made in the USA, ships from the USA
  • Two chambers: round cyclone and flat windowpane
  • Exo-Diffy perc
  • Triangular sidecar mouthpiece
  • Reinforced stemless design
  • Glass top load 18.8mm vapor dome
  • 18.8mm glass flower slide bowl
  • Tripod foot base with green accents
  • Sandblasted “tap” logo
  • Concentrate nail not included, this has to be ordered separately

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Product Description

  • Hamm, the inventor of the recycler and many other diffusion systems with amazing original designs, created this unique recycler rig. This recycler, with triangular sidecar mouthpiece, is made in Oregon, USA, using high-quality borosilicate glass and measures 7.5 inches (19 cm) in height.

    The Tiny Windowpane recycler features two chambers: a round cyclone, and a flat “windowpane” with several holes in it. Bubbles are forced through the flat panes of glass, giving an awesome aquarium effect, then moves upwards through the square shaped recycler tube into the round cyclone. In the cyclone water goes into a spinning vortex and gets pushed downwards through the Exo-Diffy percolator into the flat windowpane chamber ones more were it gets broken up into loads of bubbles. All these bubbles filter and cool the smoke and create an amazingly smooth toke. By re-filtering the water more toxic and chemicals are taken out of the smoke that occur after combustion, resulting in a “cleaner” smoke that is easy on the throat and lungs, but still packed with loads of flavor.

    The Tiny Windowpane recycler vapor rig by Hamm’s Waterworks Glass stands firmly on the tripod foot base, which consists of two round feet, with green accents, in the back and a green colored marble on the front of the rig. It is equipped with a reinforced stemless design with a 18.8mm male joint. It comes delivered as a complete set with two 18.8mm glass slides with a female joint: a top load vapor dome and a flower slide bowl. This enables you to use it for herbs as well as for concentrates and essential oils. Both of the bowls are equipped with a glass marble on the side, which acts as the perfect handle and rollstopper. The concentrate nail is not included; this will have to be ordered separately.

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