Light Deprivation SFV OG

Light Deprivation SFV OG

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Natural Cannabis Company

1 Gram

THC% 17.8  CBD% 0.06

Hybrid I/S

Hybrid I/S

Appellation: Sonoma Valley

Strain History: San Fernando Valley phenotype of a clone only OG Kush with Afghanistan genetics.

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Product Description

Light Deprivation (or Light Dep for short) is a method of reducing the light cycle of flowering plants. Light deprivation crops are grown in a greenhouse that can be fully enclosed to block out any natural sunlight for 2-3 hours before sunset each day. This extra “night” tricks the plant into flowering earlier, rather than continuing to veg, allowing them to reach adolescence more quickly than they would if left to mother nature. The method still utilizes natural sunlight to complete the process. Utilizing this method allows cultivators an extra rotation per year, reducing overhead and increasing average yield from indoor growing.

Aroma/Flavor: Sweet and spicy, with hints of fruits and spring flowers.

Typical Effects: This strain was bred with powerful potency in mind. Her effects are ideal for evening use, swiftly combating pain, anxiety, depression and insomnia. Her buds tend to smoke a little harsh, so we recommend vaping this strain if possible, or prepare for a large expansion and a bit of coughing! A few tokes and you will instantly feel relaxed a relieved. Her potency sends warm rushes of pain-numbing euphoria throughout your body. You may begin to feel heavy, eager to take a seat in a comfy place and settle in for a while. Her cerebral effects are mild at first but gradually appear in the form of a sleepy heaviness behind the eyes. Try this wonderful strain at night for great relief from a variety of ailments!

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