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Platinum OG Natural Nectar

Platinum OG Natural Nectar

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1 Gram

Hybrid I/S

Hybrid I/S

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Product Description

Aroma/Flavor: This melt smells of exotic spices and fresh earth. Her flavors are predominantly earthen with a spicy kick on exhale.

Typical Effects: This nectar is well known for her substantial relaxing effects. Intense psychedelic sensations wash through the mind, pushing away worry and stress. This melt is in no sense clear-headed, so it is advised that you smoke this on a night in. She slowly melts to the body, massaging away tension and discomfort, easing stress promoting calm relaxation. She is perfect for a lazy day around the house, or an evening on the couch watching TV. Try this concentrate to help combat pain, depression, nausea and insomnia.

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